Dinners Postponed at present

If you are craving connection, come and join us in the Next Chapter Community - just click here

These intimate dinners offer rich, deep conversations and are perfect for you if:

  • You're a woman in business
  • Who loves personal connection 
  • Is committed to business and personal growth
  •  Values contribution and fulfilment through meaningful work  

"I detest mainstream networking events, mainly because they’re usually at a ridiculously early time of the day but also because I don’t feel I’m making real or valuable connections with the other attendees. This event sounded intriguing - deeper and more meaningful than a traditional networking event so I arrived with an open mind and a hopeful heart.  

I enjoyed everything! The conversations and the connections were fascinating and much deeper than any other event. This is like no other business event you’ve ever attended. Get ready to be enlightened, uplifted and energised!". 

Alison Abernethy Professional Organiser Declutr

"I arrived with curiousity and an open mind and left heartful – and wiser – Angela encouraged meaningful conversation and connections between us and we all left replete in mind and appetite. 

It was wonderful - no one had an agenda, everyone was humble and appreciative, we were all curious and grateful to be in the space that had been created. I enjoyed the diversity of women at the table and the depth of intimacy that was achieved so quickly. I thought that the women who attended were interesting, kind, compassionate and intelligent".  

Kylie Holyland Executive Coach Ascend HR 

 "Your expertise, approach and philosophy is incredible and I find it fascinating to listen to you and to meet the women you work with. I LOVE the way you bring women together in a relaxed yet professional way, that’s a very fine line to walk. The evening was informative, insightful, fun, connective, reassuring, inspiring - particularly when you hear women who have been to some dark places and come back stronger than ever"  

Kim Crowley Personal Stylist Style Sense 

When you express your interest in joining us at a Salon Dinner, I'll be in touch to confirm your seat, arrange payment and to provide you with details of our "conversation starter topic" and questions to ponder that we'll discuss on the night.

Who is your host?  

Hi, I’m Angela Raspass, and I'm a Business and Life Mentor for women in their 40's and beyond.

I was sure that I was not alone in craving a deeper form of interaction beyond social media, large audience events, and classic networking and so began to host Next Chapter Salon Dinners in Sydney in 2018. They;ve now expanded to Canberra, Melbourne (and Auckland when I''m back visiting my family).

At each dinner, a small group of businesswomen from diverse industries meet to discuss business and personal development topics in a lively conversation over good food in an atmosphere of curiosity, exploration, enthusiasm and good humour.