Sef belief and confidence in business

Before you can succeed in business, you need to believe you can 

Next Class: Thursday July 26, 10.30 AM AEST

When I polled 185 female entrepreneurs in my community and asked them “what’s holding you back in growing the business you want?” - almost ninety percent answered, “I am”.

Perhaps you've felt the same and can relate to some of the thoughts they shared?

  • I'm not good enough
  • Marketing and sales are not my thing
  • If I haven’t made it by now I never will
  • The things I’m passionate about won't make enough money
  • My story won't be inspiring for anyone
  • I’m not ready
  • I'm not going to be very successful - that's not possible for me
  • I already have a good life, it’s selfish to want more
  • It's too hard to put myself out in public
  • I don’t have formal qualifications so I won’t be successful

Self-doubt is an inevitable companion on the entrepreneurial journey – there is not a woman on the planet who doesn’t feel it. It’s normal!

But it’s not ok if it stops you from doing the work in the world that calls you.

It’s not ok if it holds you back and keeps you stuck.

And it’s definitely not ok if it stops you from becoming confidently visible in the market, preventing you from building a sustainable, impactful business,

Imagine what you could achieve if you knew you could?

The good news is that there are powerful practices and simple tools you can use that with regular use, will move you from uncertainty and doubt into confidence and clarity. That's the place I'd like to take you too because I know that...

Confidence is your #1 business growth strategy 

Once you can consistently recognise when you're sliding into The Comparison Trap and know how to easily take action to escape, growing your business becomes so much easier. In this Masterclass I'll also walk you through what I call the "Big Picture" of your Next Chapter Business as well, so you have a checklist for growth as well as a framework for confidence. That's a dynamic duo!

Hello, I'm Angela Raspass

I’m known for my honesty and wholehearted approach to business building, a blend of inspiration, integrity, and intuition as I combine my years of strategic marketing experience with an equal depth of personal development.

I stand for second chances, new directions, authenticity and the confidence to build a sustainable and fulfilling Next Chapter business that leverages your life experience and that serves you just as much as it serves your clients.

I believe in your unique story and your ability to help others shorten their own journey with your guidance.

And you can borrow my belief in you until you fully embrace your own...

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Who is this event for?


  • You get stuck in the Comparison Trap, looking at the work of others in your industry and feeling rather disillusioned as a result
  • You are happy to talk to potential clients but often end up giving a tonne of free advice and find it difficult to actually secure paying clients
  • Your Inner Critic has a fair bit to say, about your ability and your chances of success.
  • You are often overwhelmed by all the marketing options, by all the things that you “MUST and SHOULD" do that often feel out of alignment with you
  • The enthusiasm and joy you had for your business beginning to drain away, replaced by either an uncomfortable sense of urgency or perhaps even the thought of giving it all away


  • Already feel consistently confident about your ability to build your business
  • Don’t really experience procrastination or perfectionism
  • Are comfortable with being seen in the market and promoting your work
  • Don’t fall into the comparison trap very often
  • Have very clear boundaries and find “asking for the sale” easy
Lindsey Blondel

Lindsey BlondelI have gained so much confidence! I have learned to recognise and value the skills I have acquired throughout my lifetime, all of which are combined in my new business. I have got over my own negative preconceptions about what I have to offer.

I love what you are doing, there is so much collective knowledge and experience out there stuck in the heads of women over 40 who have been so impacted by life events they have lost sight of their own potentials. Imagine the possibilities if you were able to unleash it all.

Rachael Jansen


Angela is the perfect mix of support and advice.

She’s experienced and educated, so she has an impressive bag of tricks to help not only with the nuts and bolts of marketing and building your business but importantly your mindset as well.

She’s incredibly generous with her time, with her knowledge and with her heart.

When you believe you can, you're already halfway there.

Join me and we'll talk about how you can escape the Comparison Trap that deepens self-doubt. Once you have these tools, and my six-step system, you'll be able to focus on growing Your Next Chapter Business, your way, with confidence and clarity.


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