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The core ideas that guide my work

In Your Next Chapter, I believe it's more important than ever to be connected to a sense of purpose, to develop a vision that helps to manifest that purpose and to underpin this with a mission that focuses your energy and impact.

This is mine, which I've then turned into the Next Chapter Manifesto:

PURPOSE: To reconnect women with their self-worth and the value they have to contribute so they can take confident and consistent action on their goals.

VISION: Millions of women beyond owning their worth and leveraging their experience and insights businesses and lives that positively impact their world and the world.

MISSION: To personally inspire and support 1,000 women to create and grow sustainable, fulfilling, and financially rewarding businesses that positively impact their own clients, thus creating a collective ripple that sees 1,000,000 Next Chapters begin.

The Next Chapter Manifesto

  • Next Chapters are built on skinned knees, where breakdowns become breakthroughs…
  • Allow yourself to be fully seen and put good things into the world. It’s through your story that others will find their path, and what a joy and a privilege that is.
  • Everything you need is inside of you now. Search for it. Give yourself permission to shine.
  • Self-belief is your superpower.
  • Your worth is unquestionable.
  • Stay connected to your truth and always speak to yourself with compassion and encouragement.
  • Just because you can, it doesn't mean you should
  • Cultivate a circle of support. Surround yourself with people who are real and connect with them deeply through experience. Share with genuine vulnerability.
  • Fear is only excitement without breathing. Take that breath and act confidently and with courage, even when it’s hard.
  • Be generous. Be grateful. These are the currencies of connection and abundance.
  • There is no ‘perfect’. There is no magic formula. There’s only the right way for you, which you’ll find through experience, failures and kindsight.
  • Respond. Don’t react. Find the power of the pause and allow yourself time to grow. This is an evolution, not a revolution.
  • Always stand for something bigger than your services. They are a reflection of your greater purpose and vision.
  • Remember that growth doesn’t always mean bigger. It can mean deeper
  • Create your own definition of success. Make meaning your mission, contribution your focus and fulfilment your reward. Know that profit is the result of the right action.
  • Your business needs to serve you just as much as you serve your clients. Sustaining your energy and enthusiasm is the goal. 
  • Step up and launch the ideas swirling in your head and your heart. Serve the people who need this now. They’re waiting…
  • You’ve got this.


  1. Brenda on November 19, 2019 at 9:23 pm

    So many of these resonate with me. I’m inspired to complete the manifesto I’ve started. My favourite is;
    Be generous. Be grateful. These are the currencies of connection and abundance.

    • Angela Raspass on November 19, 2019 at 9:34 pm

      Thanks Brenda! I’m delighted to know it resonates with you and that it’s also inspired you to complete your own – let me know when it’s live 🙂

  2. Gregory Anne Cox on November 21, 2019 at 7:25 am

    Angela, this is powerful and inspiring at once. I agree with Brenda but also love the line about self-belief being a superpower. Ain’t it the truth. I am inspired to (finally) put my manifesto together.

    • Angela Raspass on November 21, 2019 at 8:44 am

      Thank you so much for your feedback – I’ve been thinking about a Manifesto for so long, so many thoughts swirling around that needed to be captured. I’m sure you’re the same – all the ideas are already inside of you – you just need to take some time to lay them out and see which ones leap out and land in your heart. I’d love to read yours too when you’re ready to share 🙂

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