Long Service Leave for business owners

Long service leave. That’s a thing out there in the “other world” remember?

When you’ve been working for 10 years at one place, 3 months’ leave is your reward… Time out and off to rejuvenate, explore, chill, adventure, get curious, relax – whatever takes your fancy.

So why not as a business owner?

I’ve asked myself the same question, feeling deep in my bones, right to my heart, that I’m due a sabbatical. I need a sabbatical. It was my lovely friend and business buddy, Samantha Leith who reframed it as Long Service Leave.

Ten years of my marketing agency and ten years as a business mentor. No significant breaks in that time. Add 2 kids and marketing and events for my husband’s businesses and of course, ALL of the other multitudes of tasks that are woven into the fabric of a woman’s life.

I’m tired. And I value myself enough to honour that truth.

I’m already partially there. You may have noticed I’ve been a little absent from the platform lately. Or maybe you haven’t – honestly, we spend too much time thinking that other people are thinking about us.

They’re likely not!

We all seem to lead busy, complicated lives so much of the time, how can we possibly expect to do all the things, tick all of the boxes, jump through all of the hoops, how can we keep up with all the information we’re showered with?

The short answer is we can’t and shouldn’t feel the need to. That’s our conditioning talking.

The question I have been asking myself lately (courtesy of another good friend on a walk) is “What really matters?”.

WHAT really matters?
What REALLY matters?
What really MATTERS?

And my conclusion right now?

Stillness. Pausing. Giving myself space to breathe and recalibrate during some pretty challenging personal stuff (we all know the type of stuff, the stuff you DON’T tend to post on the socials!)

It makes no “business sense” to pause right now, after all, I just soft-launched the Centre for Self Worth, but I’d be a hypocrite to burrow down into that work right now, tying my worth to doing, doing, doing, when every part of me is craving rest. I know I’ll return with fresh insights that will be useful.

Am I concerned that my business might look very different when I return?

Yes and no.

I expect it will because I suspect I will.

And I’m ok with that, so I am choosing to let go and allow my own next chapter to emerge.

Will I disappear entirely during this leave? No real idea. I’m pretty verbose and optimistic by nature, and I do love to share what I learn, so I may pop up occasionally. But I am placing no expectations on myself.

I am taking care of my beautiful clients until the end of June, then pens down. I won’t be taking on any new work until some yet to be decided point in the future.

I’m acutely aware of my privilege when I make that statement. I’m grateful to be able to do this.

Let’s normalise letting go of “the hustle”. Of recognising when a break will do more for us and our businesses than pushing through likely ever could.

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Angela Raspass

Business Mentor, Author and Founder of the Centre for Self Worth, Angela blends strategy & self-worth to support business owners & leaders develop sustainable, impactful & fulfilling visions. What will unfold in Your Next Chapter?

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