Make peace with your inner critic

When I’m about to start a brand new project I’m most likely to be thinking

You've been invited to a business related event and when you get there you realise you don’t know anyone but the host. What are you thinking?

You are in a restaurant with friends and when your meal arrives it doesn't match your order. You are most likely to:

A friend calls, excitedly sharing their news about reaching a big business goal. It's similar to something you’ve been working towards. How are you likely to react?

You’ve been feeling a bit run down lately because there is a lot on your plate. You are most likely to:

When you consider where you have got to in your business and life so far, how do you feel?

When you have the opportunity to talk about what you do, how are you most likely to respond?

If people were describing you to someone what do you think they would be most likely to say?