Feedback - what it's like to work together

Theunie Wiid

Theunie Wiid

I originally approached Angela hoping that she might recommend someone from the Next Chapter circle but was surprised (because mine is not a service-based business) and delighted when Angela offered to take on the challenge herself. I had no hesitations working with Angela as I have been following her work (podcasts and FB group particularly) for a while and knew that Angela has a proven track record in this line of work.

There was so much I liked most about Angela’s approach!

Once she had reviewed what I wanted to achieve, she simply let me document it all and did not expect me to stick to a prescribed format/template. The process of just getting everything written down, was the first step for me in clarifying the real gaps I knew existed.

Throughout the clarity session, I felt confident that Angela had looked at the information I provided, she had clearly done some research and her feedback and recommendations took into account the ideas and concerns I had raised.

The simple gesture of recording the session made a huge difference. I am usually a frantic note-taker, but knowing that it was all being recorded, gave me the opportunity to focus on the discussion, rather than trying to take notes. Being able to replay the conversation has also been very helpful as there were several gems I would have forgotten otherwise.

I walked away from our strategy session with more clarity than I expected to have after just one session.

When we had finished, I could see the plan come together. I felt like I could put together a realistic plan for the changes we needed to make to the website, brand names and business identity. Some of the ideas I had but wasn’t sure about had been validated. I also knew which of my initial ideas to abandon as I had been given better alternatives or good reasons for not proceeding.

And now, several weeks later, our website revamp is underway, new logos have been designed and a start has been made on the necessary legal work, like registration of trademarks. I also make a point now of asking customers and even suppliers for suggestions and feedback and I have discovered a wealth of goodwill and good ideas from them.

There is still a lot of work to do and I am now focused on systematically tackling all the ideas we discussed. Angela had also made suggestions about prioritising all these tasks otherwise it would have been completely overwhelming.

I have been sharing with my network the work that Angela does and will recommend her work to anyone needing clarity in their business.