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Tania Willis - Business Retreat participant

Tania Willis

Leadership Specialist

The retreat gave me the opportunity to be away from the day to day, think and plan what my business next steps should be. I also met a group of fabulous and inspiring women.  Women who are much further along in their business journey than I am and they were all so incredibly supportive and they were so generous with their advice. The best piece of advice they all gave me was to make sure I don’t try to do it all which is going to be very difficult for me, given my Instinctive Drives profile!  But hey, now I know why it is I do this which helps me put in place strategies to make sure I don’t take on too much and end up overwhelmed and stuck.

I left the retreat feeling energised, more clarity about my target audience and business model, alongside an action plan for the next 3 months and highly recommend taking the time away and investing in yourself. As leaders of our businesses we need to put time into strategic thinking and Ange is a wonderful support to help you get the outcomes you need to take your business forward.