Feedback - what it's like to work together

sonya lovell

Sonya Lovell


In our first session we defined my “super power” and then we nailed my message – this is how ‘Dream Big, Live Bold’ became the foundation to everything I do. And this anchor has stopped my excessive zigging and zagging, I’ve stopped trying different things to see what was going to fit, because this fits me so well. It’s comfortable, it’s dynamic, it’s easy – it’s me.

And it’s defined the core of my business.

Just as importantly, I no longer spend my time looking at what everyone else is doing – I just don’t have the need anymore. I’ve realised what I can do now. I’m finally confident with who I am, and who my brand is – they’re now fluidly entwined.

I absolutely believe I’ve moved into the Second Phase (Act) of my business. My start-up years are done and dusted!

When we worked together the ease of communication between us was a blessing. Angela kept me focused and aligned and she always met me as an equal, but I was also very aware that she has the knowledge, the experience and the success that I aspire to chalk up!

As a direct result of working with Angela, my earnings have doubled and for the first time I have a consistent, reliable monthly income that gives me the freedom to follow all of my dreams. I now have in place a framework and processes that support my core offerings as well as a roadmap that will see me achieve my goals.

And I have Angela to thank for helping me get out of my own way so that I can be the brightest lighthouse possible.