Feedback - what it's like to work together

Sheryl Allen

Sheryl Allen


For me, the thought of working with a coach was confronting and fear-invoking.

I imagined being pressured into unsettling strategies, being upsold to a big-bucks personal development program (possibly even a yoga retreat!) or being revealed as a professional fraud. The actual experience could not have been more different.

Via the magic of Skype (we are located in different states), Angela set about transforming my overwhelmed mindset and reinventing the way I do business.She helped me identify the negative speak inside my head (most days it was shouting at me) and, together, we developed a vision focussed on how I want my business to look and feel. That vision keeps me focussed … it’s my blueprint and my compass, especially on those odd days when my instinct feels clouded.

She showed me how to look to myself for solutions, to trust my own instincts, to give myself permission and to approach my work (and my world) with a whole heart.

We built strategies to help me transition including scripts for saying “no”, ways to re-package and market my services, and tips for networking with purpose. I now have the tools I need to keep the momentum going.

The results are tangible: I have a fresh (very feminine) logo, a “feel-good” promotional postcard and a whole(hearted) new approach to communicating with my clients.

I’ve farewelled some clients along the way, refused some projects and am attracting more and more of the “feel-good” people and projects I love.

I’m enjoying an amazingly positive relationship with my work – I’m much more creative / honest / open / brave and my clients LOVE me for it. I am enough.

Angela simply “gets” me. I never feel that I’m being fobbed off with boilerplate solutions. She listens wholeheartedly and tailors everything to my unique situation. She knows when to push and when to yield.

Working with Angela is a revelation … she gives everything she has: savvy business know-how, absolute intent, cut-through thinking, unwavering support and a wholeheartedness that’s truer than true.”