Feedback - what it's like to work together

Business Mastermind for women with Angela Raspass - Sarah Mane(Circle)

Sarah Mane


I knew Angela Raspass from several years ago when I was a member of her Working Women’s Network (WWN). I had always felt a great benefit from the WWN events as Angela was connected and sensitive to what would be of most value for everyone.

Fast-forward to now and I had reached a point in my new venture where I knew I needed some new input, some new clarity, some new energy. I discovered that Angela was now offering her Next Chapter Masterminds, so it was an easy decision to make to invest in her services. I saw so many possibilities in taking the step to work in this new way with her and to be part of a group of women who were equally focussed and ‘there’ for each other.

The Mastermind (MM) experience has been excellent. I have received so much clarity and new input in so many areas throughout the year. The ladies in the group were down-to-earth, practical, experienced, knowledgeable and creative in their thinking and approach. Angela’s facilitation of the MM meetings was done with a light but sure touch. She has a masterful skill in synthesising the key points in a conversation so the ‘takeaways’ are clear and easily actionable. Through Angela’s leadership and example, the MM was a place of generosity, love, support and good humour. There was an abundance of new ideas, suggestions, useful critiquing and feedback that has been a game-changer.

The one-on-one mentoring sessions with Angela were also excellent and brought a deeper focus to specific areas of business development throughout the year.

I can highly recommend working with Angela in her Next Chapter Mastermind groups.