Feedback - what it's like to work together

Sarah Gillis

Sarah Gillis


Having worked one-on-one with Angela previously through her marketing support programs, I was interested when I found out about her Masterminds.

A small business owner for more than a decade, I often feel quite alone with thoughts running in circles in my own head when considering the pros and cons of different elements I want to work on in my business. There is no one really interested in me or my business or there to help me make decisions. Or cheer for me when I have done something well or achieved a goal.

I have used a business coach previously but I find it becomes quite introspective and does not allow for expansive thinking and different points of view. I have also worked in a mentoring / workshop group before and found the shared experiences in such a group valuable.

So when Angela told me about the Circle, I was keen to join.

I didn’t have any fixed ideas or goals when I started, but 12 months down the track I am astounded at what I have achieved!

I have unearthed dreams and goals that had been shelved for years and have implemented them! I have interacted with a giving and generous group of women who all care about each other’s successes and hurdles and who are willing to share wholeheartedly.

I have experienced two great retreats packed full of activities and exercises that get the creative juices going. And have had access to an extensive range of tools to help me build my business through undertaking practical and simple steps.

And, meeting my circle fortnightly for a year has given me knowledge and insights into areas that I would otherwise have no experience of and has given me the opportunity to connect deeply with a circle of motivated business women. I’ve been kept me on track and accountable.

I highly recommend Angela’s Mastermind to any woman who is starting out or changing direction in business who is willing to both share with and accept help from others.

I’ve already signed up for my next year! See you in a circle!