Feedback - what it's like to work together

Mandy Gyles

Mandy Gyles


I knew I had untapped potential but would be competing with a lot of consultants and I needed to set myself apart from them…

I decided to invest some of my redundancy payment to embark on a six-month program with Angela to support me in this process – we just clicked when we spoke and I was attracted to her enthusiasm, ideas and drive.

Angela’s positivity, her confidence in me, and having her keeping me to account, were highlights of the last six months. As someone working as a solo consultant (at this stage) I really appreciated having her to bounce ideas off and the materials and processes she has shared with me have been invaluable in helping me to think and plan strategically.

I have improved my confidence significantly, stopped comparing myself to others and present myself, my ideas and my successes with far greater self-assurance. I’ve also made connections with Angela’s’ other clients who are going through similar challenges as well, which is so important when you work alone.

Working with Angela has been a great investment. I was sure it would pay off through successfully securing contracts with my business looking more attractive and convincing to clients and this has definitely been the case. During our time together I’ve attracted several new clients and contracts, and am currently in India having secured four months in a senior role in an international agency, a significant goal and achievement for me in the area of work I am most passionate about.

I’d definitely recommend Angela if you are looking to launch or expand your business – she is very positive, experienced and so resourceful!