Feedback - what it's like to work together

Lindsey Blondel

Lindsey Blondel


My hesitations were mainly financial; I haven’t invested in myself to that extent before! But I recognised that I needed help to get started and that it was an investment in a business opportunity which would pay dividends.

I have gained so much confidence! I have learned to recognise and value the skills I have acquired throughout my lifetime, all of which are combined in my new business. I have got over my own negative preconceptions about what I have to offer. I can really see how this is a very female problem and I am not alone in undervaluing myself and my abilities. Working with you has helped me see past all that and have the courage to push forward to a point where I hope to be able to really help people in their time of need in a way that satisfies my own priorities and gives them what they need.

You are so positive. You don’t push your own agenda. You recognised where I was coming from and helped me value myself. Your total enthusiasm for my ideas was so encouraging! I love your systems which are well thought through and really seem to apply to all sorts of businesses.

As a sole operator it was great to have someone to walk with me through the set up process. There was so much I didn’t know at the outset, thank goodness you were there with your huge business and marketing knowledge with all the answers, I would never have got where I am now without your mentoring.

The most important thing to know about working with you is you will get results, just make sure you are ready for them!!

I would and have recommended your services to others. In our current business climate it is so important to be focused on exactly what you are trying to achieve. There are so many new possibilities out there and so much technology to get a handle on it would be easy to lose sight of your goals. Working with a mentor helps to stay focused and pick through what is relevant to you and your style.

I have learned so much! Stuff I had no idea I needed to know! I feel like I have done an MBA! I am so enthusiastic about running a small business now, as enthusiastic as I am about doing what I do. I feel confident that I will be able to handle social media and promoting my business and that you have opened my eyes to the many professionals out there who are able to help me when I get stuck.

I love what you are doing, there is so much collective knowledge and experience out there stuck in the heads of women over 40 who have been so impacted by life events they have lost sight of their own potentials. Imagine the possibilities if you were able to unleash it all…..