Feedback - what it's like to work together

Business Mastermind in Australia - Participant Inna Neal

Inna Neal


I decided to invest in the Business Mastermind because I knew it was time for me to receive the support I needed for my business. My passion and creation for my business were there but I needed the support in growth. I felt so aligned with Angela. I was following her online for a couple of years and resonated with her message.

As I contemplated this desire to work with her, my mind would bring me to a place of lack, “Can I afford this” but something in me kept saying, “yes, you will be supported” so I dived in. This commitment was one of the best decisions I have made in my business and my inner belief that I can!

The strategies and ideas that I received, I was able to put in place and still putting in place has been exponential in the growth of my business. I also received things that I didn’t expect. The support, the safe space, the compassion that I received from Angela and the amazing women in the mastermind (who are now my extended family) has been incredible. It was so wonderful meeting everyone in person at the retreat…another pillar in my growth. I even ran my first successful retreat this year…something I knew I wanted to do but wasn’t sure how. Angela’s retreat gave me the confidence to do that…and it was amazing and more to come for 2020.

Angela held a space for me in ways that I couldn’t see in myself yet. I uncovered potential in myself that I didn’t know existed. From unravelling the gifts inside me, becoming clear on how I wanted to serve the world, in my ability to stand in my own power and to grow a business that I love. }

If you are thinking to be a part of one of Angela’s masterminds, my experience says, “do it”. You will never look back.

Thank you, Angela, for sharing all your gifts with us, seeing in us that potential you knew we had and bringing it out gently. I see, feel and am that now and so much more to come. And thank you ladies, my co-creators in business and in life, having you as my mastermind family has supported me in ways that I couldn’t have imagined.