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Gabrielle Bailey

Gabrielle Bailey


I wanted to learn more about setting up my business for real as I’d been fumbling around for years behind the scenes and needed a web site to call home, an incentive, some guidance and confidence to step out. Being exposed like that meant I had to get things right to have credibility!

The workshop pushed me into overwhelm as I realised how much I didn’t have a clue how to go about this….My big why, my niche, business vision, client situation map, value propositions, signature systems, ripple effect, and an authentic home, a website where people could find me and I could share ‘me’ with the world.

Well I’m happy to say that Horizon One has been well and truly reached!

Along the way I’ve learnt the subtleties of marketing, developed confidence and focus, and know I now have a solid foundation to move through the next growth stage…growing and supporting my new community as the Midlife Mentor.

The biggest challenge was recognising and accepting that I do have the experience and tools to create a solid bridge to support women as they find their feet in new territory, so they can enjoy stepping into the next stage of their lives.

Angela’s perseverance, belief and vision for me skilfully kept me on track as I navigated a lot of unknown territory. She was also modelling with me what I would be doing with my clients and I can now clearly see the delightful possibilities for myself as I continue to move forward.

Whether you are a novice like me or have an established business, there is more than enough experience and skill to be accessed working with Angela. I wholeheartedly recommend this captivating visionary woman as she continues to walk her talk in her own business and personal development, supporting so many other women to grow and change in their own Next Chapters.