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Chrissy Crust

Chrissy Crust


After 5 years in business I’d hit a wall, going round in circles of busy-ness and exhaustion. I was struggling to develop the next phase of my business that would deliver my desired revenue and lifestyle. I’d tried another style of women’s support group but it just didn’t give me the business development and personal support I needed.

I’ve known Angela for many years in her previous business lives and had watched with great interest the development of Your Next Chapter. I believe we’re led to our next steps when we’re ready for them, and if we listen to our inner voice. I knew I needed solid business advice from someone who was doing what they were teaching, building a successful business while keeping a grounded, earthy attitude to life.

The decision to join a Business Mastermind Group has been the right action at the right time, 100%! Starting with the Strategy Session, the privilege of working with Angela, her laser focus, visual mapping and generous advice left me quietly excited. Two months later and the excitement is not so quiet anymore!

The support offered is truly wholehearted. There’s an abundance of resources, bonus training and information available to members that adds to the gold that happens each fortnight with my Mastermind Group. I’m not sure how Angela manages to bring such a well-suited group together, but she does. And it works. Her insightful introduction on each call adds even more knowledge – and value.

If you’re a woman in business and you need a mentor who walks their talk, who provides wholehearted guidance and helps to build businesses that are as unique as their owners, then I have no hesitation in recommending Angela and Your Next Chapter.