Feedback - what it's like to work together

Catriona Parsons

Catriona Parsons

During a casual conversation with Angela, it became clear to her in a nano-second that I was simply lacking clarity in my business. After booking one of her strategy sessions, and then whilst completing the background questionnaire, I just felt so strongly that this process was going to give me just that.


I’m in my first year of launching my bold ideas. I was confident in my skillset but wanted to do everything at once. Angela could see this, she was kind and acknowledged my strengths throughout the process. But she also cut through the BS with precision. Who knew we could have achieved so much growth in 90 minutes!


It wasn’t that easy to hear that I needed to refocus my concept – or to rebrand the training component of my vision – but it was necessary. Her insight was exactly what I have been missing. Without that “fresh eyes” perspective it would not have been possible to compile my very own system, providing me with the flexibility to have all of the desired components of my concept – just not necessarily right now!! She has a unique and impactful way of working with people to extract their golden nuggets and reframe into a profitable, marketable business platform.


I have a lot more work to do now. But I also have a road map thanks to Angela. And I’m truly excited, because the way that we workshopped has now given me even more trust in my abilities. My focus is sharpened, the mission of the business can be so much more easily communicated and I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off me. Thanks again Angela and I feel that we will work together again very soon!