Feedback - what it's like to work together

Andrea Glazier

Andrea Glazier


Someone to help get this stuff out of my head and help me make it into a business plan – I was sinking into a hole of overwhelm and needed help to create a strategy, and how to prioritise next steps.

So I called on Angela to help – not realising that it wasn’t just a lack of clarity around knowing where to focus my energies that was holding me back.

And boy did I get that crystal clear vision I have so been seeking!

I blabbed for a while and like a lightening bolt I heard these words, “so you’re a conduit for change. And you create confident communicators of change.”

And my WHOLE BODY LIT UP! Then she helped me dissect what I do into new offerings, and again, totally refined the blab in my head into solid action points and a plan! (I am very excited as this has been holding me back….) I felt really heard, really seen, really understood.

Angela has a knack of tuning in to who you are, helping you articulate what you’re trying to accomplish and creating steps to get you there. And the coup d’etat? Getting me to drop the fear I’ve been holding that’s around comparisonitis!

I didn’t know how much that had been creating anxiety until I felt it fall away and the joy & energy flood back into my body.

And how free I am to create, without fear of worrying about what others are doing.

So, summing up – if you need clarity, energy, your purpose reflected back in a way that lights you up, a plan, your thoughts transformed into offerings, and…. you want to drop the limiting beliefs holding back your business, call Angela.

She is a fantastic mentor. Her depth of business experience coupled with her deep understanding about how self-worth issues can hold us back is a truly blessed combination.

I feel totally at ease sharing what’s coming up for me, I adore her passion, her care, her wisdom, her sense of humour and of course, her laser sharp insight that makes everything so clear!

Being a woman following an entrepreneurial path there is so much to learn and implement to create a successful business, and everyday is an opportunity to grow and get out of your own way.

With Angela by your side you can tackle what’s going on beneath the surface that’s holding you back – and use her business insight to propel you forward.