Congratulations On Your Business Success

You’ve been in business for quite some time now. People regard you with respect and turn to you for guidance. In fact, they’d likely refer to you as an expert in your field. A leader. And with your depth of experience, that's an apt description.

On good days you feel anchored in that expertise, though you are still committed to learning more, keeping on top of the developments in your industry as you stretch and grow professionally.

You make recommendations and decisions with confidence and certainty. You show great dexterity in managing projects, people, budgets, and more and you have ample evidence of your capabilities through completed ventures, positive feedback and the growth of your business or career trajectory.

You could keep doing “business as usual" but...

  • There's a lot on your plate and you're often handling it alone. How do you stay out of the overwhelm that can engulf you when you consider all that you still want to achieve?
  • You often can’t talk business with family & friends about your challenges and triumphs, because they really don’t understand what it's like to run a business.
  • Yes, you want your business to continue to inspire and nourish you so you feel purposeful and fulfilled.
  • Yes, you want a healthy financial return that reflects the time and energy you invest and the experience and expertise you bring to the table. Yes, you want to work with clients who appreciate that expertise and do the work.

But you also know what's important at this stage of life.

Your business needs to fit around your life and wellness priorities as you may have looked burnout or breakdown right in the eye and have no intention of going there again.

And perhaps most importantly, your thoughts are turning to legacy, to the impact you most want to make.

Angela Raspass

Is this how you are feeling?

Women who are in the midst of Expansion are often having thoughts like:

  • How can I remodel my business so it's a better fit for who I have become?
  • How can I revamp the way I work so I have more time for strategic thinking and other things that are important to me?
  • I need to draw a line in the sand and make some choices about the best way forward
  • I’m ready to expand my vision of what’s possible...and I'd like a sounding board for these new ideas
  • I know my ideas and IP and models can be further developed, but what should I prioritise?
  • I'm more than a little tired of working through all of this on my own...

You’re also likely to have high expectations of yourself because you have a track record of making things happen. So it can be a little frustrating to feel in the fertile void between what is and what can be...

Change is coming and it's going to be expansive

The Next Chapter Cycle of Change



Growth and change are seldom clear-cut and without support, it can be hard to gain clarity and take action on your new ideas.

You may find yourself oscillating between discontent with the ways things are now, and the desire for change – a frustrating space that I call the “Deliberation Zone” in the Next Chapter model of change.

To move into the Doing Zone, to actively design the next chapter of your business and then deliver this new version to the world, you likely need to make several strong decisions.

And to make them, you'll often benefit from a sounding board. Someone who can help you with a fresh perspective, who can see the options, opportunities and gaps that are not always visible to you. Someone who can also ensure you are deeply anchored in your self-worth for your next chapter in business and life.

Some considerations for your next steps are below.

When you are ready for expansion

Evaluating new business opportunities

Download the Business Recalibration Resource

When you're on the cusp of change you need to make decisions with your head and your heart. These Recalibration Resources, featuring a financial snapshot, opportunity matrix and evaluation grid, are a great start to this process.

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Come on a Next Chapter Business Retreat

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