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Business Events on and offline

Events for connection and growth

Connection is one of my very highest values, and that's why events, online and especially in person, are a core part of my business.


Genuine connection with other people who are:

  • curious and wholehearted
  • equally committed as you are to personal growth
  • keen to provide genuine referrals and recommendations
  • wanting to grow sustainable, fulfilling businesses
  • open to new ideas and to share their own


is a delight - if you feel the same way, I'd love you to join us.

Angela Raspass Business and Life Mentor for female entrepreneurs
Businesswomens business retreats

In-person dinners: Sydney and Canberra

Networking dinner for women in business

Next Chapter Dinners

Next Chapter Dinners are held each month in one of three states, depending on my travel schedule.  I bring together a diverse group of wonderfully interesting businesswomen to have a lively conversation over good food in a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere. Book early as seats are limited to a maximum of 12 guests to ensure everyone is seen, heard and understood.

Business Retreats for women

Business retreat for women - australia (1)

Leave your every day for a business breakthrough

Running a busy business is exhilarating and highly satisfying. But it can also lose its magic if you don't have space to regularly refresh, reset and revitalise yourself, your ideas and your vision.

In the right atmosphere with like-minded, open-hearted women and an inspiring Mentor who both supports and stretches you, you can achieve more in just three days than you can alone in months.

The inspiration, clarity and focus that you will experience at a business retreat are exceptional. Our first retreat for 2022 is June 6-9 in a beautiful luxury venue in Kangaroo Valley and just 3 spots are still available.

Confidence for your business or career

Incraee your business and career confidence

Free Monthly Masterclass

The "missing link for success" is not actually more confidence. The secret is actually reconnection with your self-worth, your innate source of clarity and power that can be gradually eroded, even without your conscious awareness, through a lifetime of conditioning, comparison and competition.

In this free monthly Masterclass, I'll show you the unexpectedly simple strategies of change that open the door to all of the business and career options you're truly capable of.

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