Discover your purpose for Your Next Chapter Business and Life

Are you on the edge of Your Next Chapter?

Perhaps you have a clear idea of what you want to create and grow and you’re excited … a little daunted, and seeking inspiration, encouragement and help to figure out your next steps.

Perhaps your ideas are just whirling around, and you’re not sure how to catch them, evaluate them, prioritise them, let alone turn them into a tangible business concept…

You know it's time for change

Often this desire for change is because your responsibilities to young children or others are receding, and so new possibilities are emerging.

Or you may have realised that this corporate role you’re in just doesn’t fit you anymore and you don’t want to reach the next stage of life with regret.

And sometimes it’s because you’ve been through a deeply challenging personal experience – redundancy, divorce, illness, addiction, and you’ve emerged stronger, wiser and more determined than ever, with insights and wisdom to share.

Whatever the catalyst, it’s clear to you that you can’t remain the same any longer.

It’s time to reprioritise your own dreams and goals. It’s time to repurpose your skills, experience, and values into a business that has contribution and fulfilment in harmony.

But change can be uncomfortable

Your Next Chapter Model of Change

Growth and change are seldom clear-cut and easy and without support, it’s even harder to start something new.

You may get stuck in what I call the “Deliberation Zone” in the Model of Change - that's when you're oscillating between Discontent with the ways things are now, and defining what you actually Desire to create. What needs to come to life.

To move into the "Action Zone", where you actively Design Your Next Chapter and then Deliver it to the world, you need to make a Decision.

Doubts, difficulties, derailments, and detours can all get in the way. Your own self-talk and misbeliefs as well as your surrounding influences, the support you have, can hinder or hamper your ability to make that decision.

Angela Raspass

Is this how you are feeling?

Some of the feelings that my clients who are in this Discovery Stage share with me often revolve around:

  • Self-doubt - can I actually do this?
  • Lack of clarity - lots of ideas
  • Isolation - there's no one I can really talk with about this
  • Fear of things not working out - what if it all goes wrong?
  • Overwhelm - where do I start?
  • Uncertainty - how do I know if this is the right option for me?

They most often say “I know there is a different future for me. I just need to work out what that is and then have the confidence to act on it. How do I do that? What’s possible for me?”.

The next steps for you to take

Below are 4 suggestions to help you develop clarity and confidence, make a decision that’s right for you and move forward into action:

Actions to take when you are in Discovery Mode

A guide for uncovering your purpose

Uncover your purpose for Your Next Chapter

With Foundation and Evolution questions, the Uncovering Your Purpose workbook is designed to get you thinking and exploring what’s resonant for you so you create a Next Chapter Business that aligns with your values and leverages your skills, insights, and experience. A free download.

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Your Journey Board - turn your experience into a business

This is a self-study program designed to help you uncover and create a Purpose and Vision Statement that will provide fulfillment, focus, and flow for Your Next Chapter business and life. In three audios and workbooks, I will guide you through reflecting on your past, anchoring in your present and creating a vision for Your Next Chapter.


Invest in a Strategy Session - a mentoring & coaching session

If you have your business idea but need help refining it so you can get started a Strategy Session is a great place to begin. This is a one-on-one Deep Dive 90 minute session in person or over ZOOM where we will get you crystal clear on your business structure, message, audience, and core service. A powerful shot of clarity for you.

Lindsey Blondell


Lindsey Blondel

Your Journey Board really helped me to untangle my spaghetti! You know the old saying, women's thoughts are like spaghetti, all twisted and touching each other and running off in different directions, men's thoughts are in lots of little boxes and they move from one to another entirely untroubled by everything else going on. It can help you untangle your spaghetti too, help you to hone in on some really important issues.