Business Mastermind for women with angela raspass


Where do you turn when you're seen as the expert?

You’ve been in business for a quite some time now. People regard you with respect and turn to you for guidance. In fact, they’d likely refer to you as an expert in your field. A leader. And with your depth of experience, that's an apt description.

On good days you feel anchored in that expertise, though you are still committed to learning more, keeping on top of the developments in your industry as you stretch and grow professionally. You make recommendations and decisions with confidence and certainty. You show great dexterity in managing projects, people, budgets, and more and you have ample evidence of your capabilities through completed ventures, positive feedback and the growth of your business or career trajectory.

So why does Imposter Syndrome still show up occasionally and pour doubt over you?  Why does the Comparison Queen still manage to saunter into your psyche and take you off course? And how do you stay out of the overwhelm that can engulf you when you consider all that's on your plate, and all that you still want to achieve?

You often can’t talk business with family & friends about your challenges and triumphs, because they really don’t understand what it's like to run a business.

That's why it's so valuable to be in the regular company of thoughtful, experienced professionals who help you refresh your thinking, break through tough challenges that demand strength and resolve and unlock powerful new possibilities and perspectives that you might not see yourself.


Being in business today is fabulous. Being alone in business, not quite so.

I know from personal experience, that when you share your business challenges and triumphs with other women who are also on their own business journey, each with their unique perspectives and different ideas, the synergy and support is both grounding and exhilarating.

There’s tremendous power in being a part of a circle of progressive, smart, wholehearted women who are also focused on growing sustainable, satisfying businesses. Having a trusted group of women you can share your challenges and wins with is one of the most valuable things you can ever have as a business owner and entrepreneur.

The mix of inspiration and motivation, the support and cheerleading, the learning from what’s working that might work for you too and from what's challenging and how it can be handled is priceless for your own growth and enrichment.

And exposure to other industries, technologies, strategies, and concepts broadens your knowledge and often provides a fresh perspective that helps you break out of thinking paradigms that you might not even realised you were stuck within.

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Your Next Chapter Diamond Mastermind

 Masterminds provide a unique blend of focus, support, and accountability

I've been facilitating Masterminds and hosting Retreats for several years now and have seen time and time again how valuable it is to be supported and stretched by your peers - my Mastermind clients have:

  • developed completely new business models
  • hosted live events and retreats
  • secured international clients and contracts
  • overcome fear and self-doubt
  • said no to the work that no longer lights them up
  • broken through industry paradigms with new pricing models
  • launched their own masterminds
  • revamped websites and programs
  • increased their assertiveness and confidence
  • travelled to speak at local and international conferences
  • improved their conversions on sales conversations
  • been interviewed and published and so much more...

And been held accountable to their goals, had a focused team to brainstorm and celebrate with!

When you're seen, heard and encouraged, everything becomes possible.


  • Monthly Group Mastermind Calls where you bring your current challenge or area of focus to a Hotseat and access insights, feedback, encouragement, and accountability from your fellow members and myself. Our focus ranges from mindset and marketing to sales and systems and everything in between.
  • Monthly Private mentoring sessions to dig down into your business heart
  • Two planning workshops - the first in late January to kickstart the year and one in June to ensure the second half of your year is on track.
  • Participation in our private online forum where you can connect with your fellow members 24/7 day for mutual support, problem-solving, resource sharing and celebrations.
  • Access to the Your Next Chapter Hub Resource Library packed with resources, exercises, worksheets, templates, recorded masterclasses and more for self-directed learning and action.
  • Two 3 night luxury Business and Personal Growth Retreats  where we will meet and connect face-to-face as you create your business and marketing plans
  • Unlimited email and private message access
    so you are able to check in whenever you need quick feedback and support


You know how it can be a challenge to give your business the planning, strategy, and marketing time and headspace it really needs because there is so much on your plate on a daily basis? The Diamond Mastermind comes with a "Permission Slip" to find that time with two planning workshops and two retreats, providing you with strong focus and space every quarter.


The Diamond Mastermind is a great fit for you if:

  • You have an existing business (likely 5+ years) with a track record of success and are looking to build upon its foundation, ensure its sustainability, innovate or move into new markets or to pivot, taking things in a new direction
  • You're not looking for more information, rather you're seeking new ideas, an experienced sounding board, interaction with business peers who have complementary skills and fresh perspectives to help you identify, create and capitalise on new opportunities
  • You appreciate the value that comes from discussion and contribution, as the answers to your own challenges are often found within the advice you give, as much as that which you receive
  • You are committed to the notion that your business must serve you as much as it serves your clients - growth cannot be at the expense of health, wellness, and personal fulfillment
  • Whilst online and digital marketing are important parts of your model, they may not be your core delivery focus. Face to face interaction with clients as a service provider is often at the heart of your offerings
  • It's also likely that you will have a primarily b2b focus in your business, often in the professional services field, and have a team under your leadership (though with Consulting businesses the latter may not be the case)
  • You're seeking self-leadership development and mindset support to build your confidence and self-belief, just as much as strategic support
  • You’re motivated, enjoy setting goals and taking action and responsibility, recognising there is no magic wand for business expansion
  • The idea of escaping the every day and working on your business and yourself in beautiful locations is rather appealing!
  • You're keen on the combination of both group support and personal mentoring for marketing and business growth


The Diamond Mastermind is probably not what you're looking for if:

  • You are in the early stages of your business journey, still refining your idea and without a regular, dependable income stream
  • You're yet to decide upon your core market, audience or most aligned client
  • You have a purely online, internet marketing-based business model and are looking for deep and specific guidance with things like funnels and facebook marketing.
  • You'll find it difficult to commit to attending the monthly group calls and participating in the online community - we create a cohesive group dynamic in a Mastermind and your presence, contribution, and support is a key part of this
  • You are uncomfortable with looking at your mindset and the personal development activities that complement and balance the more strategic side of business
  • You’re not keen on being part of a group where you receive and give - this is a group experience although private mentoring is also provided


Who am I and why can I help you?

Business Mastermind for women with Angela RaspassI'm Angela Raspass and I'm Your Next Chapter Business Mentor. I've been in business for myself since 2003 when I realised the corporate world was no longer for me.

I launched Ideas Into Action, my small business marketing agency, from my dining room table in 2004. I hired my first casual employee in 2005 and the business gradually grew to the point of my buying an office in Chatswood and having a team of full-time staff.

All the “success 101” boxes were ticked. But in 2012, I began to realise that my heart was no longer engaged and I was burning out, juggling all the demands of my life. I’d focused so much of my energy on growing the business (because that’s the ultimate goal, right?) that I’d forgotten to check in with myself – was this what I actually wanted? The lesson was hard, but valuable – “just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should”.

And so at the end of 2012, I decided to step away, regroup and realign.  The need to develop a new vision to ensure we are building a sustainable, fulfilling business for the second half of our lives is not unusual - perhaps you've felt that pull as well?

I also came to understand that I didn't have to do it all alone, that isolation stifles growth, and online courses and huge audience conferences just don't provide the connection I was looking for. I invested in a Mastermind, and what a revelation it was to have like-minded women surrounding and supporting me.

As a direct result of that experience, I decided to undergo professional Mastermind Facilitation training in 2015 and refined my own business model to focus on curating richly supportive Mastermind environments for businesswomen to flourish within.

I know how to carefully curate my groups with a mix of industries and personalities and ensure the participants are at similar levels of business experience so you can positively contribute to each others growth. I'm also experienced and adept at group facilitation, asking the questions that draw you and your ideas out, keeping you focused on your goals and opening new possibilities. I'm succinct, honest and clear and won't tell you only want you want to hear, but my guidance is always delivered with love and integrity and designed to help you make the decisions that serve you and your business.

In my Masterminds, you'll experience a unique blend of "at the coalface" business strategy and marketing skills and experience with equal parts confidence and self-belief support.

I'd love to welcome you into our world!


Jo Hanlon

Mind Your P's

Jo HanlonThis Mastermind group is a small group of women with whom I have developed an intense relationship built on trust and care, I know them well and I feel they know me. That's very different from other networking groups which seem to exist with the sole purpose of getting bigger and brighter and I often feel are there to largely benefit the group “owner”.

This is based on a far longer lasting intense interaction where we show up warts and all and feel supported not judged.

Karen Porter

Underground Communications

Karen Porter Underground Communications

I found myself in a position where I’d managed to grow my business, establish the beginnings of a brand, employed a team and had a pretty clear vision of where I wanted to take it next, but felt lacking in some skills and certainly lacking in support.

As a single Mum, I was the sole decision-maker at home and at the office, without having someone in my corner to cheer me on or bounce thoughts and ideas off.

Not anymore!


Melissa Healy

DFK Everalls

Melissa Healy

When I was looking for support I thought I just needed a sounding board for ideas and issues and help to prioritise and stay focused. I was initially concerned that perhaps a Mastermind wouldn’t be practical enough … I have attended enough seminars/read enough books etc – I believed I just needed practical help implementing!

It’s delivered that, absolutely, but so much more as well.

Leanne O'Sullivan

Adventure Digital

Leanne O'Sullivan
I was looking for connection and direction to move my business forward when Angela spoke about the Diamond Mastermind with me and I had no hesitation at all about joining.


Diamond Business Mastermind Yoga


When you apply for the Mastermind, you'll have a personal discussion with me to answer any of your questions and to see if the Diamond Mastermind is a good fit for you once I receive your application, but for now, some of the FAQ's are addressed below for you.