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You're A Small Business Owner - Well Done!

It’s a rollercoaster isn’t it? A heady mix of delight and challenge, feast and famine, bold vision and scrambling tactics.

You’re the CEO – that’s Chief Everything Officer, and some days that can be overwhelming and exhausting.

But the good days, the days when you know you’ve made a difference for someone and you’ve been well rewarded financially for your contribution? Those days feel simply fabulous.

You just want more of them!

Take time to appreciate what you've achieved so far

No doubt you’ve discovered that having and growing a business can be difficult. You might feel Isolated and a little frustrated.

You’ve enjoyed a degree of success, but you can see and feel there is more potential bubbling away under the surface, and you’re just not quite sure how to reach it.

I really encourage you to pause for a moment. The process of reverse gapping yourself, acknowledging how far you have come, not just focusing on how far you feel you still have to go, is a key component of a sustainable business. This appreciation provides future fuel for Your Next Chapter.

Change is coming and it can be uncomfortable

The Next Chapter Cycle of Change

You have a big heart, a strong desire to make a significant contribution and the wisdom that comes from life experience and you're ready for more.

To get a different outcome, you need to take different actions. This is likely to involve making some changes both in yourself and your beliefs and in your business structure and marketing.

This can feel challenging because you have so many ideas and choices! Growth and change are seldom clear-cut and without support it’s hard.

You may get stuck in what I call the “Deliberation Zone” in the model of change - oscillating between discontent with the ways things are now, and the desire to take action. To move into the Doing Zone, to actively design the next chapter of your business and then deliver the new version to the world, you need to make the decisions that lead to a breakthrough and your next level of success.

And growth is not always broader. It can mean going deeper.

Angela Raspass

Is this how you are feeling?

Women who already have a business and are seeking to deepen their impact with more clarity, direction, marketing skills, and self-confidence are often saying and thinking things like…

  • This is great/terrible/great/terrible!
  • If only I could just serve my clients and someone else could do that marketing stuff!?
  • But knowing that I need to be visible, what are my best options?
  • Is my message clear and compelling – am I talking to the right people?
  • Is my business model right, or does it need tweaking?
  • How can I create consistent income and ensure my business becomes truly sustainable?

They most often say “Things are going pretty well overall,  but there are so many ups and downs - not just in client enquiries and revenue, but in my own self-belief too. How can I change this? Where do I begin?".

The next steps for you to take

Below are suggestions to help you develop deeper clarity and confidence, make a decision that’s right for you and move forward into action:

Actions to take when you are in Deepening Mode

DEEPEN your next chapter in business and life

Download the Businesswoman's Breakthrough Guide

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Come on a Next Chapter Business Retreat

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