Connecting to your Trusted Source

Last week I hosted a two day event for wholehearted women stepping into their Second Acts in business and life.

A heady mix of strategy and soul, the feedback from the participants has been amazing and I am so grateful to have shared the time with such an amazing, open hearted group of women.

One of the most powerful exercises that I shared was one where we connected with our Trusted Source to receive guidance on the next steps in our journey – our move into the purposeful work we are here to create, expand and deliver.

Universe, God, Intuition, Angels – there were so many very personal interpretations as to who and what this entity might be. There is no right or wrong answers here – spirituality is personal, fluid and accepting.

The guidance received was powerful and profound in many cases as the women opened to this concept. Some said “I thought I was here to create THIS business, but the message I received actually points me in a totally different direction… but one which, if I am honest, is what I have been longing to do for so long now….”.

And so I wanted to share the exercise with you.

All you need is a pen and paper and an open heart and mind as you ponder just two questions.

I hope an AHA moment settles in your soul as well.

P.S: If a wholehearted approach to business development, a blend of purpose and prosperity holds appeal for you, then you may find my Second Act Success Circle a great fit for you – it’s a six month program that includes training, mentoring, masterminding and connection for business growth and includes two day retreats for business and personal growth. The Circle begin in early May and I am taking applications now >> full details are here

Angela Raspass Business and Life Mentor for female entrepreneurs

Angela Raspass

What will unfold in Your Next Chapter? That's the question Angela helps you explore & answer with self-belief & inspired action with her personal & business expansion programs.
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Hi Angela,
Thanks for sharing the source exercise on line. It is very subtly powerful and I needed to rehear it again. I think the power lies in re-viewing previous experiences because we are all evolving and our perspectives are forever shifting. I hope this finds you well. Happy Easter!
In good health and wellbeing,

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