Your Next Chapter Business Club


If you're a Next Chapter businesswoman, a woman in her 40's and beyond in the first few years of building a service based business, these thoughts may be rather familiar to you...

  • Are you a little tired of working alone as you work to build your business in this online world?
  • Do you feel somewhat overwhelmed by all of the marketing options, the should's and must's, the sales funnels and opt-ins, the packaging and pricing, the social media choices, the sales conversations - the seemingly endless lists of things you need to develop and that often change overnight?
  • Have you been spending what feels like hours online, downloading resources, reading blogs, attending webinars and trying to piece it all together?
  • And do you sometimes fall down the slippery slope of self-doubt... asking yourself if you're really cut out for this entrepreneurial caper after all, finding yourself losing sight of the passion and purpose that inspired you to start this venture.

This is the support structure you've been looking for...

I'm a huge fan of collaborations and community.

When you're surrounded by like-minded people and can ask for their help when you get a little stuck or scared, you'll shorten your journey, just as your own expertise shortens and sweetens the journey for your own clients.

And when you're overwhelmed by options, especially when it comes to planning, marketing, packaging and pricing your services, holding sales conversations and all of the other nuts and bolts of business building, having access to proven resources that help you to structure your business core and implement with confidence is invaluable.

And you will have this wholehearted support in the Next Chapter Business Club!

In addition to my personal business mentoring and consulting, I've been facilitating Masterminds and hosting Retreats for several years now and have seen time and time again how valuable it is to be supported and stretched by your peers - my Mastermind clients have:

  • launched websites
  • run their first webinars
  • completely changed their business models
  • secured their first international clients
  • overcome fear and doubt
  • said no to the work that no longer lit them up
  • created their own masterminds
  • hosted their first events and retreats
  • tamed technology that used to overwhelm them
  • traveled to conferences overseas
  • improved their conversions on sales conversations
  • been interviewed and published and so much more....

When you're seen, heard and encouraged, everything becomes possible.

And so when I realised that many women in my wider community were very keen on support, but were not quite ready for the investment or level of assistance that a Mastermind provides

...I got to thinking.... "how else could I be of service for women who want and need support to grow"?

And the Your Next Chapter Business Club is the result!

This is a streamlined, affordable support structure offering FOUR of the key components of my Masterminds.

1. Connection with like-minded women on a similar journey in a private, committed and supportive community

2. Access to my comprehensive business and personal development resources to facilitate your growth and

3. An invitation to live bonus training calls with hand-picked guests who I work with in my own business

4. Participation in live group coaching calls where I will personally answer your business building questions


Everything you need to set and meet your business goals each and every month!



A Private Facebook Group for Club Members for collaboration, encouragement, support, and celebration - the support you need to get things done. This Next Chapter adventure is far more enjoyable when you have kindred spirits alongside and your Club Colleagues will be there to give you feedback on your ideas, copy, content and more and I will also be accessible in the group - with our help you'll soon be achieving your business goals.



Access to my Next Chapter Hub where my Resource Library and online programs will ALL be available to you - along with fresh content that is added throughout the new year. Having one place to come for How To's, checklists, thought-provoking exercises and step by step frameworks will remove the overwhelm and take the guesswork out of your business growth saving time, stress and money.


Coaching and Guidance

Join me for a monthly Business Club Group Coaching and Q&A call on ZOOM, my video conference platform where I'll answer any questions you and your fellow Club Members have about business, marketing, and mindset. Not only will you have your own challenges addressed, but you will also learn so much from listening to the feedback given to others.

Your Next Chapter Business Club

Bonus Training

Attendance at the Next Chapter Success Circle Masterclasses. Guests have covered sales funnels, copywriting, mindset, video strategy, social media, sales conversations and more - you will benefit enormously from having access to this level of expertise that you can then implement for business growth. Topics already confirmed for 2018 include: Personal Branding, Business Storytelling, Developing Retreats and Self-Publishing your book with more to come.


Optional Personal Mentoring

Access to a reduced rate for personal mentoring if you decide you'd benefit from having more intensive one on one support at specific times during the year. I've coached and mentored scores of business owners and entrepreneurs since I started my own business back in 2003 and there are not too many challenges I've not seen - I'll help get you unstuck, focused, confident and flying again!

Here's a glimpse of what you'll find in the Resource Library
Next Chapter Business Resource Library

Who is this for?

The Next Chapter Business Club is likely a great fit for you if:

  • You have a service-based business - wellness practitioners, consultants, coaches, designers, online entrepreneur or other professional services providers are a perfect match
  • You are focused on contribution and fulfilment - you want what you do to be purposeful, you want to enjoy it, and you want to be well paid, but you're not planning on taking over the world - you know the importance of work-life blend these days.
  • You know there are no magic wands and marketing pixies - it takes time and attention to build a business and you're willing to invest your energy to do just that.
  • You're not keen on working alone all the time because that feeling of isolation is not fun, and you know from experience that's when self-doubt, overwhelm, perfectionism and procrastination can set in.

And who is this not for?

The Next Chapter Business Club is likely not such a great fit for you if:

  • You have a product-based business - my experience and expertise is not so strong in the product arena
  • You have only a business idea, but have not started out yet. I believe I can best serve you with a personal strategy session first so we can create your business framework and get you started before you come into a group program
  • You have an advanced business with consistent income and wanting to pivot, leverage and grow - I would recommend a discussion about my Circle or Diamond Masterminds instead



Hello! I'm Angela Raspass and I'm a Business & Self-Belief Mentor.

I've been in business for myself since 2003 and I've learned that no matter what your background and skill set, your business foundation needs to be anchored in a blend of purpose and self-belief and that it is never, ever too late to start afresh.

I stand for second chances, new beginnings and sharing your experience and expertise to help shorten and sweeten the journey for others. I believe our journeys into our next chapters are very much about contribution, fulfilment, and significance, recognising and owning our value, our worth, and trusting ourselves as we shrug off the need for approval from others.

I'm committed to helping you flourish in Your Next Chapter with the community, marketing, and mindset support you need.
You can borrow my belief in you until you have it for yourself.

Sonya Murphy

           ADALA GROUP


The resources in The Next Chapter Business Club are numerous and the online trainings very helpful. In my first week my productivity soared. I know being a member of this group will help me and my business grow. It's great value for money!

Lyndal Edwards


My experience working with Angela has been both personally and powerfully evolutionary. There are so many things I receive and so many reasons I recommend the experience for other women looking for connecting, community, focus, direction, meaning and general well-meaning butt kicking!

Danielle Wright


business coaching client Danielle WrightAny woman, regardless of a first-time entrepreneur or starting a new direction in business or revamping an old one, they all would benefit from working with you.  Angela has the goods for working strategically but from a place of wholeness, wellbeing, and heart. She talks and walks her business, exuding the wholehearted message she wants other woman and their business to achieve.

Sarah Tovey


There are many business coaches and mentors in the world today and for me personally, I aligned myself with one that has the marketing expertise and experience I aspire to achieve. It is also important that Angela will be here for the long haul, this is not a short-term fix, but a long-term journey.

Your investment is just $95 (plus GST if you are in Australia) per month.

#MyNextChapter2017 welcome!

If you'd like to join us, just click on the button to send an expression of interest and I'll be in touch to get you started!


The answers may be here...


Your investment is just $95 (plus GST if you are in Australia) per month.

P.S: I invested for the first time in my own development back in 2010 - a Business Coach who opened brand new ways of thinking and doing business for me. Before then I had a belief that I needed too, in fact SHOULD be able to work it all out on my own. I'm so glad I reached out and I hope you do too - I've so much to share with you that will help make this business adventure so much easier and enjoyable.

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