How do you overcome Imposter Syndrome?

How to overcome Imposter Syndrome in Business

Imposter Syndrome is an insidious wee beast. It’s a close personal friend of the Comparison Queen. These two tend to travel together, wrecking havoc on confidence and focus, on growth and development. Both bring with them a whole range of emotions that can stir up self-doubt and prevent you from stretching. From deepening and expanding…

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The power of being anchored in your why

Start with why

“Start with Why” said Simon Sinek. “People are inspired by a sense of purpose (a why) and this should come first when communicating with your audience, even before what, and definitely before how. They don’t care what you do, they care why you do it” he insists. Simon Sinek’s approach really made sense to me…

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Create a Visual Business Model

Visual Business Model

Creating a Visual Business Model for your work You’ve no doubt heard that expression “a picture tells a thousand words”. It’s particularly true when it comes to your business – you can encapsulate so much in a well designed visual model. I’m no slacker when it comes to creating ideas. I actually suffer from “Popcorn…

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Which business growth strategy is right for you?

Which business growth strategy is right for you?

There’s an old adage that says “don’t have your fingers in too many pies at once”. As a general rule, I believe this is good advice, and I ask my own clients to narrow their focus so they can deepen their authority in their chosen field or niche. It’s too easy to fall into “Popcorn…

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Is a Business Mastermind right for you?

Business Mastermind for women.

The business world is an exciting place to be in our Next Chapters. Low barriers to entry, the opportunity to do work in the world that is emotionally and financially fulfilling, access to the power of the Internet to connect you with potential clients all over the world, the ability to be flexible and work…

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The secret – Stress + Rest = Growth

There’s been a lot going on in my world at the moment. I’ve been juggling roles – Carer, as my husband was back in the hospital for 2 weeks for more surgery and is now in slow recovery mode, Marketing Manager for our two Yacht businesses, getting organised for the Sydney Boat Show at the…

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The what and why of a Mastermind

A while ago I recognised something about myself. Although I’m a person who can often make a decision, focus and gets things done, I’m also a person who is prone to falling into the Comparison Trap. Left on my own on this entrepreneurial journey for too long, I’m in danger of drowning in a sea…

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5 insights to make the most of attending a live event

As an entrepreneur, you are likely to spend a fair bit of time hunkered down behind your computer screen, tapping away as you work on mastering another piece of the online world to help you reach your goals. I love the flexibility of working this way, so different from when I had to battle the…

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A plan to unlock Business Success

plan for business success in 2016

It’s already whispering in your ear isn’t it? 2018. Just around the corner is the promise of a fresh new year. Will this be the year when it all comes together for you? The year when that idea you’ve been nurturing in your heart for your Next Chapter business unfurl its wings and take flight?…

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