How do you become a Self Leader?

Self Leadership for Personal Growth

“Self-Leadership is the ability to influence yourself to think and behave in ways that are consistent with who you are and are conducive to the pursuit of goals and experiences that are important and relevant to you”. Andrew Bryant and Ana Kazan There are many skills involved in leveraging self-leadership, two key aspects of which…

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The 3 components of Aligned Marketing

Last week I drove down to Canberra to host a Next Chapter Salon Dinner. I started holding these dinners in Sydney during the second half of last year and when I was asked to bring the conversation down to Canberra, I jumped at the chance. These events are a revival of the French literary and…

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Which business growth strategy is right for you?

Which business growth strategy is right for you?

There’s an old adage that says “don’t have your fingers in too many pies at once”. As a general rule, I believe this is good advice, and I ask my own clients to narrow their focus so they can deepen their authority in their chosen field or niche. It’s too easy to fall into “Popcorn…

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Is a Business Mastermind right for you?

Business Mastermind for women.

The business world is an exciting place to be in our Next Chapters. Low barriers to entry, the opportunity to do work in the world that is emotionally and financially fulfilling, access to the power of the Internet to connect you with potential clients all over the world, the ability to be flexible and work…

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Finding your Mission at a Business Event (Part 2)

Business Conference for women

Have you ever been at a smorgasbord, and gazed at the vast array of food in front of you in anticipation, not quite sure where to begin? Maybe you headed straight for what was familiar to you, relaxing into the tastes you recognise and love. Or perhaps, presented with the opportunity to try something new,…

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Finding my business mission in Canada (Part One)

Leaving your every day and attending events and conferences has a significant impact and you and your business. Add in traveling alone and you have a melting pot of an opportunity for personal AND business growth! I just got back from such an adventure in Canada and I’d like to share the insights and lessons…

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What’s the role of your business in your life?

Your Business Model

Almost every morning, I start my day with a meditation from The Daily Calm and a short journalling exercise before my household stirs. I love this wee window of serenity and calm.Lately, I’ve noticed something that bothers me.My morning musings are 80%+ business related and this has prompted me to ask myself the questions I often ask my…

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The secret – Stress + Rest = Growth

There’s been a lot going on in my world at the moment. I’ve been juggling roles – Carer, as my husband was back in the hospital for 2 weeks for more surgery and is now in slow recovery mode, Marketing Manager for our two Yacht businesses, getting organised for the Sydney Boat Show at the…

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Reverse Gap your business growth

Personal growth

“When I look at this sofa, at what I’ve made, I’m thinking like wooahhhh, that’s amazing! I mean when I started on this show, I had no idea I could actually make a piece of furniture. I had no idea. And look at it. It’s amazing. So I really don’t care about how its’ judged…

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Six steps to escape The Comparison Trap

How to stop comparing yourself to others

Imagine if crowds of people pressed their noses right up against the windows of your home every day. Imagine if they came straight through the front door and started walking through the rooms, opening the drawers and cupboards, checking your visitor’s book, and having a really good look around. And then, without ever having a…

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