"The retreat was fantastic both in terms of me getting clarity on what I wanted that pivot to look like but also how to manage the pivot. I have done so many planning workshops, downloaded a multitude of 90-day plans and Angela’s is the first that had the structure I needed to flow from my big picture down to what I needed to do on a day to day business in a cohesive manner.."


My Business Retreats are thoughtfully created for female entrepreneurs and business owners who are ready to turn the page, to begin a new story and are seeking a burst of inspiration and guidance.

A Next Chapter Business Retreat is ideal if you have created a certain level of success, but know that more is possible, and want to replace uncertainty and self-doubt with clarity and confidence so you can define a clear path forward of growth and fulfilment in a sustainable business that complements, not commands, your life.

What will you experience on a business retreat?

I typically guide my participants through four distinct stages:

  • We begin by acknowledging and celebrating how far you’ve come. We reflect on your skills, talents, passions, and experiences and what has given you energy and worked well so you can draw that closer to you and find the clarity and courage to change or let go of what hasn’t.
  • We then dive deeply into uncovering where you want to go. We anchor you in your worth and your why as you create your vision and goals for this next chapter of your business.

Once you know where you’ve been and where you’re going...

  • We can confidently develop the strategies that will take you there and infuse them into a personal plan that works for you.
  • And we also make sure we uncover any habitual traps that may have tripped you up in the past – procrastination, perfectionism, comparison, and addiction to new ideas are all very common with smart, high achieving women! I’ll equip you with simple and powerful methods and utilise classic modalities for navigating any self-doubt that may have been prevented your expansion until now.

I promise - no cookie-cutter systems and solutions! I know you want guidance, absolutely, but it needs to personal, to reflect the you who is at the core of your business and so I provide flexible frameworks and resources, honed through more than sixteen years of business ownership, marketing and sales strategy experience and my own significant personal development journey.

I love the sound of this! What are my Business Retreat options?

Twice a year I run small group Business Retreats on the Central Coast, Blue Mountains or Southern Highlands, where you’ll be with a small group of women who are ready to share the experience of delving with purpose, curiosity, tenacity, and support, into the Next Chapter of their business and life.

Every month I facilitate VIP Days on the Northern Beaches of Sydney for women who want to do the exact same work, but who feel they would flourish best in a one on one environment.

You can read more about both options through the links below and you are most welcome to contact me for a chat about which Business Retreat option is best for you - I’d love to be your guide on this adventure.

Angela Raspass Business and Life Mentor for female entrepreneurs
Business Retreat for women in Australia with Angela Raspass


In the right atmosphere with like-minded, open-hearted women and a Mentor who both supports and stretches you, you can achieve more in just two days than you can alone in months. I know this from personal experience and the feedback from my clients, and that's why Retreats and the focus, planning, connection and breakthrough opportunities they provide are a core part of my business model.

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A one-on-one retreat designed to help you develop the clarity, structure, strategy, and confidence you need to create and grow your Next Chapter Business. You'll get more done on retreat with me than in six months on your own! This comprehensive service provides a pre-retreat planning session and a follow up mentoring session to ensure implementation and momentum.

I've found the best way forward is for us to have a wholehearted conversation so I can understand what it is that you want to create and we can both make a call on what support is the best fit for you and your goals. You can contact me here.