Are you ready for the Next Chapter of your business?

Next Retreat November 5th - 8th, 2019 

As a woman in your forties and beyond, you have runs on the board - experience, wisdom, insight and a great many skills. You’ve enjoyed success in your business and intend to continue working for quite some time.

But lately, you may have been feeling an increasing urge to explore something new. Or to expand, to reach a new level in your business.

A small change might be waiting for you.

  • This might simply involve a pivot, a change to what you’re already doing
  • It could involve entering a new market or introducing a new service
  • Perhaps you need to develop new messaging and positioning
  • You may be craving a fresh burst of inspiration and enthusiasm.

Or perhaps a great, big, scary, exhilarating change is on your horizon.

If you’re like many of the women I work with, you might not have the time and space or a sounding board to help you pursue this desire and give it form. Like-minded people who can help you to extract clarity from your ideas, to create a plan and to work out the action steps to take are worth their weight in gold, but are not always available.

And so most people only nibble away at the edges of change.

They read books and blog posts. Listen to Podcasts. Attend webinars. Invest in a course.  Go to a seminar or two. Journal. Ponder. Make some small changes and for a while, feel better. Happier.

But they don’t take the leap that delivers real, lasting, satisfying change and so the yearning resurfaces and often brings along doubt for the ride.

Perhaps you've been nibbling too?

What if it didn't have to be like this?

Pause for a moment and imagine instead...

  • Spending 3 days away in a beautiful house with a small group of women as you work intentionally on the next steps in your business
  • Being deeply supported and nurtured as you sift through all of your ideas and commit to a clear path forward 
  • Developing deep clarity on your business structure, your services, programs and pricing
  • Increasing your courage and confidence about being visible and vocal thanks to a plan that’s completely aligned with you and your values.
  • Feeling inspired, energised, uplifted and enthusiastic about what’s possible for you and your business

In the right atmosphere with like-minded, open-hearted women and an inspiring Mentor who both supports and stretches you, you can achieve more in just three days than you can alone in months.

I know this from personal experience and the feedback from my clients, and that's why Retreats are a core part of my own business model.


Next Chapter Business Retreat June 2019

A Business Retreat is a perfect way to realign and plan

I take just 4-6 women away to a gorgeous location in a beautiful private house where we work on your business and you, for the new year.

We'll explore your vision and goals, what to let go of, what to refine and what to introduce into your business model. We'll evaluate the ideas and develop the marketing strategies and initiatives that best fit you. You'll enjoy fresh perspectives and frank discussions in an atmosphere that both supports and stretches you.

Hello, I'm Angela Raspass
Angela Raspass Keynote Speaker





I’m known for my honesty and wholehearted approach to business building, a blend of inspiration, integrity, and intuition as I combine my years of strategic marketing experience with an equal depth of personal development.

I stand for new beginnings, courage, authenticity and the self-belief to consciously develop a Next Chapter business that leverages your experience and that serves you just as much as it serves your clients.

I believe in your unique story and your ability to help others shorten their own journey with your guidance.

You can borrow my belief in you until you fully embrace your own...

I know what it's like to want to pivot your business

I’ve been successfully self-employed since 2003 when I launched my Marketing Consultancy after a “pre-children” corporate career in sales, marketing, sponsorships and events. I grew this one-women at the dining room table at home job into a 4-person team with clients in three states and a multiple six-figure turnover.

Things were going well, the trappings of success were all in place. But after quite a few years, I felt that yearning for change. For a life beyond straight business and marketing strategy. I entertained the idea for months and almost turned myself inside out trying to consider all angles and potentials inside my own head. I went through the stages of doubting both my sanity and my ability to begin again.

And as much as I love my entrepreneurial husband, he just didn’t quite get my desire for fulfilment, this need for my business to deliver that feeling to me.

Other women in business understood my desire for fulfilment.

It took some searching questions from a number of “Belief Buddies” – like-minded women similar to me, to open a new door of possibility for me. I finally made the leap in 2012 into a new business model that utilises my skills, but also fully engages my heart. Now I feel I'm on purpose, aligned and fulfilled.

And I know you want this too.

A thoughtfully designed business retreat provides an environment where you can step away from the day-to-day demands and distractions to work on your business in a burst of intensity, focus, and flow.

I’ll help you to explore expanding your possibilities, developing a clear new vision and creating the proactive strategies that will bring your new goals to life.

My retreats are crafted to provide entrepreneurial women in their 40’s and beyond with more than simply time and space away. As an experienced Mastermind Facilitator, I understand the value and magic that’s released when you bring together like-minded women who are all focused on expansion and are happy to share insights, experiences, and feedback.

Sometimes you just need to get away, to refresh your energy and ideas.

Just twice a year I host these experiences that offer you a blend of planning, personal mentoring, considered feedback and wholehearted connection, support and encouragement to create the Next Chapter of your business.

This is a delicious opportunity to realign the direction, heart, and core of your business by stepping away from the busywork, the routine, the habitual way of doing things as well as the doubt that can restrict your growth and potential and keep you stuck, wishing, wanting and longing for more.

You’ll experience the joy and energy that comes when fresh insights lead to new clarity and momentum.



I booked in for the Retreat because I was looking for clarity around taking that next step for my business and to further hone who I like to work with most. It was a great, fun experience and I achieved exactly what I wanted to!

Kara Lambert



I knew that I was going on a retreat in 2017, I just didn't know where or when. When Angela invited me, I jumped at the chance. I needed to get away from the day to day distractions and dive headlong into an intensive business building session and I’ve come away with clarity of direction and tangible actions for moving my business to the next level.


Caroline Wood

I had been following Angela for a while and was at a crossroads in my business when the opportunity for the retreat with Angela came up. I knew I wanted to make a pivot in my business but was struggling to get clarity around what that pivot would look like and how to do the pivot in a planned way.

Who is a Next Chapter Business Retreat for?

If you are a businesswoman who:

  • Wants to pivot and go in a new direction, develop and implement a significant project, or who simply wants to feel reinvigorated and enthused about her business again
  • Is keen on the combination of both group support and personal mentoring for business growth
  • Loves to combine business strategising with laughter, friendship and deep connection with like-minded women
  • Has a service based business and resonates with my philosophy of "profit is the result of right action"

you will thrive in this environment!

And who is it not for?

It's probably not such a great fit if you:

  • Have a product-based or multi-level marketing business - my expertise is in establishing and growing professional service-based businesses
  • Prefer one on one coaching environment - although you will definitely have ample time for my specific focus and feedback, this is a group environment where you will also learn from the questions from the other participants
  • Are looking for a specific "how -to" system for business development. Whilst I don't hold back on providing specific advice, I tend to favour frameworks that you can personalise over formulas that you implement as-is

What will you experience when you make this investment?


A pre-retreat group call for us to understand where you are at in your business and life and where you feel you’d like to focus and expand – you’ll get to meet your fellow Next Chapter women and understand their goals as well. This call allows me to design an agenda that best meets the needs of each unique Retreat Group.


Come away with me! Spend 3 nights together in a gorgeous home, within 2.5 hours drive of Sydney where you’ll experience personal mentoring, group brainstorming sessions, planning, and accountability weaved together into an experience that supports and stretches you and ensures you leave with the outcomes most important to you.


Reconnect a week after the retreat to check in and ensure you maintain the momentum of the experience, as well as your courage, conviction, and commitment and are proactively turning your ideas into action.

  • AND

A Personal Mentoring call with me to be used before or after the retreat.

You’ll experience the joy and energy of fresh insights
that lead to incredible clarity and action in your business

What's your investment and what's included?

Your investment for the Retreat is $1950 plus GST and includes a private one-hour mentoring session before or after the Retreat. A payment plan is available and you can use Paypal or make a direct deposit from your bank account.

This covers

  • A pre and post-retreat group mentoring session
  • A private mentoring session
  • Three nights of relaxing and comfortable accommodation
  • 3 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 3 dinners
  • A Personal mentoring session, intimate group brainstorming sessions and all associated resources
  • All important free time to muse, consider, read, rest and be kind to yourself
  • A wholehearted gift or two...

Meals and Catering

Dinners are held at local restaurants and are included in your Retreat fee – alcohol is to be purchased at your own expense. Lunch is usually held at the venue - simple fresh chicken and salads. We usually have a full kitchen at the retreat venues to self-cater for our breakfasts. I’ll supply all things delicious for you to free range from!

I also bring snacks - almonds, grapes, dips, biscuits and still and sparkling water. Please bring your anything else you’d like to drink or nibble on whilst we’re there.

If you have any special dietary needs, let me know at least 1 week prior to the Retreat so I can plan accordingly for our meals.

What to bring

Comfortable clothes for lounging, plenty of paper/a journal for writing, pens and felt tips if you prefer. You can choose to write on your laptop if you prefer.

Pre-Retreat Work

I’ve consistently found that prior exposure to your fellow participants' businesses, goals and selves enriches your experience and helps you to clarify your owns thoughts and goals, so in addition to our pre-retreat call, a background questionnaire will be sent for completion and shared with your fellow Retreat participants.


Jordan Bryan


I knew that I needed to kickstart my plans to start my business as my negative self-beliefs had really been stalling me. I thought that immersing myself in an intensive environment, away from distractions, with like-minded women would help me to shift my mind set as being around other women who might be facing the same challenges as I felt I was up against would be both supportive and inspiring.

Marianne Mullally



Getting away from the house and office enabled me to immerse myself in the process of dissecting my business and moving towards improving it, without the distractions of everyday life. I got the jump-start I needed as well as a renewed focus on what the next important steps are and I recommend this experience for women who are stuck with their business and need direction and focus to get back on track.

Rachel Carroll




Despite feeling a little hesitant about being stranded with a bunch of women I didn't know for a few days, I trusted that The Universe would ensure the perfect company for me at this time in my life and my faith was rewarded!

Angela Fogarty-Mendez


The Retreat was so valuable because it allowed me to dive deeper without distraction. Really just focusing on me on my business without the chores of daily life made the experience amazing and being surrounded by a nurturing mentor and likeminded women that supported me and lifted me up was priceless.

There's so much waiting for you to discover including

  • Understanding fear and courage and how to work with both
  • Developing a supportive mindset and strong self-belief
  • Redesigning your business model around your core values
  • Differentiating yourself with your story, stance, and style
  • Developing and implementing wholehearted marketing strategies that leverage your natural skills and style

We also spend time exploring the role of self-care in business fulfilment and success. Many Next Chapter businesswomen, including myself, have experienced burnout or breakdown and have no desire to go there again. Thus, a holistic approach to ensure sustained growth of you and your business is an important part of your future plans.

self-care practice



There’s no need for you to work out this next chapter alone.

There’s no need for self-doubt, confusion, procrastination or anything else to stand in the way of you stepping forward.

I’d love to welcome you and wrap my head and heart around you and your business as I introduce you to your fellow inspirational, purposeful and committed Next Chapter businesswomen. You'll leave away with clarity, a plan and the confidence to put it into action.

Next Chapter Business Retreats are intimate experiences with just 4 participants at a time, so if this experience feels appealing, please pop your details in below and I will be in contact so we can chat and make sure a Retreat is a good fit for you and then confirm your spot.

Yes! I'd like to join you at the Next Chapter Retreat

P.S If you're ready to uplevel yourself and your business now, this experience will provide you with clarity, confidence and a plan of action. Join us!

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