Brace yourself, this may hurt a little

There's something I've noticed about businesswomen, and it's a division that can cause a fair bit of angst. I've found that women who want to make a difference and an impact through the lens of business, women who desire purpose and profit tend to fall into two distinct camps.

Business Coaching for women

There are women who build and grow profitable, sustainable businesses that are anchored in purpose who confidently attract clients. They carefully consider new ideas and opportunities, ensuring they align with their vision and meet market need before they take action.

And there are women who create purposeful businesses but find it difficult to consistently attract clients and aren't enjoying prosperity. They're often mired in comparison, and have a hazy vision, introducing new services and implementing new strategies in a haphazard way.

When I delve in and take a business apart, piece-by-piece, I've found that distinctive differences emerge.

The women who are enjoying success expect it to continue, trust themselves and their decisions; they have clarity and robust self-belief and are deeply grounded in their own worth and this allows them to plan, make decisions and take inspired, aligned and consistent action.

And the women who are struggling with owning the value they provide, are fearful they won't be able to sustain their business long-term, feel overwhelmed, always searching for "the right way" to do things and are taking scattered, inconsistent action.

And so, both create the results they are expecting, because what you focus on, grows.

heart and head

All of these women have their hearts in the right place. The ones who are enjoying their business success have their heads in the right place too.

They are clear on:

  • their market and most aligned clients
  • their business model, services and pricing
  • the value they deliver
  • a succinct visibility and marketing strategy

They're not afraid of being seen, of marketing their work and owning their authority in a way that aligns with their integrity.

They are anchored by their vision, grounded in their experience, they trust their intuition, they love what they do and they're making a satisfying income from it.

That's the place of sustainability, profitability and fulfilment I want you to operate from too.

Danielle Wright


business coaching client Danielle Wright

Any woman, regardless of a first-time entrepreneur or starting a new direction in business or revamping am old one, they all would benefit from working with you.  You have the goods for working strategically but from a place of wholeness, wellbeing, and heart. You talk and walk your business, exuding the wholehearted message you want other woman and their business to achieve. 


Flourish - A Business Mentoring Program


Consolidating a business or taking it to the next level takes time, energy and creativity. It's difficult to read the label from inside the jar - you can miss the gaps that need closing and opportunities that are just a step or two away.

I've seen the truth of this from years of strategic marketing and business experience, first in Corporate roles, then as a Freelance Marketing Consultant and the Founder of a successful Marketing Agency with a small team. I'm now a Business Strategist and Mentor specifically for women in their Next Chapter - that sweet spot of wisdom, experience and clarity that begins to open wide in our 40's and beyond.

Let's design the Next Chapter of your business.

Busness Mentoring for women with Angela Raspass
Clarity, confidence and a plan for Your Next Chapter

When you have me as your guide:

I'll help you unpack your business history and your future vision. We'll get clear on the role that your business is to play in your life now, from international reach to part-time practice and create a relevant framework for you to work within, a plan that feels exciting and clear and doable.

We'll address any self-doubt or misbeliefs about what's possible for you that can stand in the way of your business hitching to its star. Those thoughts that can keep you up at night, feeding your fears and undermining your business confidence need a response and tools to soften them so you can take decisive action.

We’ll check to see which of these moving parts fit together and flow and which grate and snarl and clog your progress and energy and need to be released.

And as you action your plan, as you and your business evolve, I'll be there for you on the wobbly days when you need support and I'll be there on the fabulous days when you can't wait to celebrate!

Your success - the vision that is true for you, is in your hands. Your very, very, capable hands.

  • We’ll carefully take apart the business you have now. We’ll lay it all out and stand back from it.
  • We’ll get clear on your purpose and values, what’s important to you, what lights you up and gets you on your soapbox and we’ll layer these over your current business model.
  • Beginning where you are, with what you have, we’ll create a vision and a renewal plan that inspires, energises and focuses you
  • We’ll make space for the growth and impact you crave. We’ll tune in to your instincts, uncover your power and together we’ll map out a conscious path for you to steer your business exactly where you want it to go in your next chapter.
  • And we’ll ditch what gets in the way—all the things that distract or keep you stuck where you are.


  • Exploring a new calling, contribution or opportunity, is it time to diversify?
  • Clarifying your most aligned clients - who are you most drawn to serving? Are their new markets to enter?
  • Crafting your Offer Staircase - adding value at each stage of the Buyer Journey and attracting enduring client relationships and contracts
  • Realigning your business core to ensure you have a Differentiation Model in place that communicates your expertise, experience and authority
  • Developing visibility strategies both on and offline that leverage your natural skills and meet your audience where they are
  • Devise a Signature Talk, derived from your Differentiation Model, so you can to speak to inspire and draw prospects to you
  • Define Invitation strategies to hold high-converting sales conversations with grace and ease.

and much more….

Angela Negro


angela negro

I didn't expect the results to happen so quickly! 

I very quickly earned back what I invested in my mentoring with Angela and I'm now attracting clients who are committed to and fully invested in their own results. Not only am I making more money, but I have more energy and time to dedicate to improving my programs and the value I offer to the clients I have.

Angela is exceptionally fun, supportive, professional, energetic, upbeat, motivating, inspiring, transparent and honest. Caring too 🙂 Amazing really! 

Kate Riordan


Sometimes building something new can be overwhelming and all seem to hard and unobtainable despite our best efforts. Having Angela on my support team made it seem possible. She dealt with every challenge that arose with such heartfelt, wise counsel - she came into my life at a time when I thought it might be all too hard.

And now, when I think how far I have come...I believe I can do it! So thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Wendy Kendall


angela negro

Angela is generous in spirit and in her considerable knowledge of what it takes to bring the business to life and grow it to maturity and beyond. She is also the number one cheerleader of your success, and those successes start to mount rapidly after working with her.

Veronica Strachan


Before I started working with Angela, I was going round in circles, second guessing myself and my marketing strategy and feeling frustrated that despite running a successful business, I couldn’t get things sorted on my own!

After we got started with our one day session I could see the way forward much more clearly.


work together

This is the most intimate, supportive and individualised guidance I provide and it is completely personalised for you. I only work with a small number of clients at this level and you will have the very highest level of access to me during our work together

I will conduct a thorough evaluation of your current business position.

We’ll have a focused half-day Workshop Intensive (face-to-face or on ZOOM) where we will work through your purpose, values, vision and goals. We’ll map out the action needed to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

From there, we’ll work together in one-on-one mentoring sessions each month (conducted via ZOOM) to ensure sustained momentum both in action and self-belief.

I will personally review and provide feedback on your marketing materials – website copy, landing pages, flyers, sales letters, video scripts etc and will tweak, edit, and offer suggestions and changes to support their effectiveness.

And you’ll have complimentary access to my Next Chapter Business Hub, packed with relevant and valuable resources whilst we’re working together.

You will also have a private email address for contact between our calls when you need me. Your investment is $3995 plus GST for the 12-week program and a payment plan is available.

Why work with me?
Angela Beach

With a background in corporate marketing, sponsorships and events, having grown my own successful small business marketing agency and as the co-owner of a national sailing franchise, I have significant expertise and hands-on experience and knowledge of what it takes to nurture a business.

I've personally facilitated almost one hundred marketing workshops, written just as many marketing plans and developed multi-level on and offline business development strategies.

But, perhaps most importantly, I've traversed by own journey from self-doubt, self-sabotage and battling with a fierce inner critic to a whole new level of trust, self-worth and fulfilment.

I know with absolute certainty and personal experience that when you connect your heart with your head and give yourself permission to build the business you truly want to, instead of the one you think you should, you will flourish.

Letting go of my marketing agency in 2012 seemed like a crazy decision to the outside world. I’d built it from the dining room table to serviced offices, to buying an office in Chatswood. I had 3 staff and a multiple six-figure turnover with clients across 3 states.

But I was highly stressed and close to burning out as I juggled a young family and other life commitments and challenges. It was time to begin a new chapter.

But I had to make peace with my very loud inner critic and make the decision that was right for me, to transition from consulting to mentoring. I’m now several years down the path, loving my business, enjoying a great income from supporting brilliant businesswomen through strategy sessions, masterminds, retreats and personal mentoring.

And I’d like to show you how you can make the choices and build the business that fits you too.

Sheryl Allen



Angela helped me find clarity amidst the overwhelm of too many clients, too many projects and too little direction.

She pinpointed where the joy is, what projects make my heart sing, what industries get my creative juices streaming.

The results have been extraordinary, rippling beyond business and into my personal life.

Nomiki Georgiadis


test_nomikisI have your guiding light shining my path right now. I’m pinching myself that I have gorgeous new clients and I’m eternally grateful that YOU came into my life as my mentor!

I’d come to a point in my business where I was ready for a mentor, because I was sick and tired of going it alone, without the strategic direction or input from anyone else other than myself. And I knew I was ready to break through to that next level I needed to be in, for my business to take wings.


You’ll finish our sessions feeling light, open, confident and clear on what actions to take to take your business to the next level you have defined and you’ll be excited again by the flexibility and fulfilment that is waiting for you in Your Next Chapter.

You can't underestimate the value of knowing someone has your back and your very best interests at heart.

Please take a few minutes to provide me with your details and some background business details through the enquiry form you'll access via the "click here" button below and I’ll be in touch to arrange a time for us to connect and have a wholehearted conversation about you and your business goals.

Are You Ready to Begin?

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