"I'm enjoying my Business Mastermind very much - it was definitely the right decision for me to join at this point in my business journey and it's great to be amongst women who are travelling their own path shoulder to shoulder. Your experience, knowledge and skills are able to lift business owners to where they need to be because you provide both emotional support and practical advice."
                                                                               Karen, PR & Communications Agency


We’re fortunate to be businesswomen today – the opportunities available for us to turn our knowledge and experience into an enterprise are endless. It’s relatively easy to set up at home with a laptop and be connected to the world. That’s the way I started way back in 2004.

But there is also a flipside to the opportunity coin. Overwhelm and a feeling of isolation, of having to do it all alone, can be a common part of the business journey as you try to prioritise and stay focused on your goals and be seen and heard in an increasingly noisy online world.

I know the value of being a part of a Business Mastermind for women - connection, support, encouragement, an infusion of new ideas and an honest sounding board to keep you buoyant, motivated, confident and clear so you can consistently move forward in the Next Chapter of your business.

Mastermind for Businesswomen

And those benefits are just the beginning of what you experience in a Business Mastermind that’s carefully curated and thoughtfully facilitated.

For women, Business Masterminds are a particularly strong and supportive experience.

I bring together women from a wide range of service-based industries, locations and experience in small and intimate groups where diverse and synergistic thinking provides a consistently powerful boost for you and your business.

We dig deep into your business and help you prioritise and focus with umbrella goals, cascade plans and core strategies to implement. Having the brainpower and support of a small group of smart women absolutely committed to you and your business success is a powerful experience.

Most importantly, there is no specific curriculum we follow in a Mastermind (although there is access to a great many valuable resources). Instead, you are met exactly where you are at now, and provided with the insight and guidance that you need, at the present time.

You’ll accomplish much more, with more ease, with your support team beside you than you ever would on your own!

Who is a Next Chapter Business Mastermind for?

They're a perfect fit for you if:

  • You have an existing business and want momentum and growth
  • You’re motivated, enjoy setting goals and taking action, but appreciate encouraging accountability
  • You know you want support, but you’re not looking for an online program, you prefer genuine, ongoing, personal connection
  • You appreciate the sharing of expertise, experience and insights that are only possible in a small group
Kara Lambert



In my first year in a Business Mastermind with Angela, I tripled my business.

From there I have streamlined my business, year on year, and developed key strategic partnerships. The clarity I have gained and confidence I have built have been invaluable.

I joined the Mastermind to grow my business and in the end I’ve also grown more as a person as well.

Which Business Mastermind is right for you?

I facilitate Masterminds for women in business at two levels:

Business Mastermind for women

The Circle Mastermind for women in business

The Circle Business Masterminds are a great fit for women in the early, deepening years of business. You'll have clear services, often one on one, and are attracting clients, but you’ll also likely describe the development of your business model as a little haphazard, and you know that it needs refining and has great potential with further clarity on your message and marketing. You're generating an annual five-figure income and are keen to grow your client base and consistency.


The Diamond Mastermind for women in business

The Diamond Business Masterminds are intended for women who are well established in business and are typically offering services in the Business to Business space, commonly working with corporate clients and often in the professional services field. You may have staff and are looking for ways to streamline your business, make more time for you and ensure your growth aligns with your personal goals and vision for sustainability. Annual revenue projections in six or multiple six figures is anticipated.

A Business Mastermind can support you to have your best year ever in business

Business Mastermind for Women - Retreat 2018

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” Jim Rohn

Running a business is hard. Running a business alongside women who get it is easier. You'll find those remarkable women in a Mastermind and it will quite literally, change your life.

A mastermind is a carefully curated space where a small group of people regularly meet to discuss challenges, brainstorm solutions and ideas, share resources and recommendations, provide feedback and unwavering support as they create the next chapters of their business.

Here are three (of many) reasons why joining a Business Mastermind is a great idea

  • You’ll expand your knowledge and skills in a Mastermind

Each Mastermind is carefully curated for diversity and that means each member has unique experience, skills, wisdom and connections to share. The deeply immersive and generous atmosphere of the group means you cannot help but pick up new skills as a result. There are also tutorials running throughout the year on specific business and personal development topics that will also contribute to your growth, knowledge, talents and skills

  • You’ll stay focused and clear in a Mastermind

Competing priorities and demands on your time and energy are very real challenges. Bright shiny options can also take you off course and the humdrum of the day-to-day running of your business can both distract and overwhelm you. Your mastermind group will keep you seeing the big picture, reminding you of why you are in business, what you’re committed to and the overarching purpose that underpins your tasks. They’ll help keep you inspired, focused and clear, anchored to your vision.

  • You’ll extend your personal and Professional Network in a Mastermind

Your Mastermind colleagues very quickly become business allies and friends, an instant expansion to your Network at a deep level. The level of trust and connection you build has a synergistic effect as usually tap into the networks of the group as well. Strategic alliances, recommendations, cross promotions and more have their roots in your Mastermind.

That's just the tip of the Business Mastermind Iceberg!

Inna Neal


Business Mastermind in Australia - Participant Inna Neal


The strategies and ideas that I received throughout the Mastermind I was able to put in place and am still putting in place have been exponential in the growth of my business.

I also received things that I didn’t expect. The support, the safe space, the compassion that I received from Angela and the amazing women in the mastermind (who are now my extended family) have been incredible.

Sarah Gillis



I didn’t have any fixed ideas or goals when I started, but 12 months down the track I am astounded at what I have achieved!

I have unearthed dreams and goals that had been shelved for years and have implemented them! I have interacted with a giving and generous group of women who all care about each other’s successes and hurdles and who are willing to share wholeheartedly.