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Hello there!

I'm Angela Raspass, a Business Mentor and Coach for female founders, leaders, and coaches running consultancies, agencies, and practices in the professional services space.

In 2003, after a corporate career in marketing, events, and sponsorships, I launched a marketing agency from my dining room table and grew it to the point where I bought an office on the northside of Sydney and had a small, full-time team, taking care of small to medium-sized businesses in three states.

But by 2012 I realised that although I'd created a successful business that leveraged my skills and experience it had turned into a straitjacket that had me on the path to burnout. My life had to be squeezed around the edges of my business and that was not why I become an entrepreneur!

After a period of procrastination and second-guessing myself, I recalibrated my consultancy into a hybrid model. I'm delighted to say my profit margins and my enjoyment have both grown as a direct result, and I'm keen for you to design the next chapter of your business to meet the goals you have too.

carolyn tate

Within two hours of working with Angela and using her unique tools and processes, we developed a new 5-step process to help companies articulate their new purpose statement. I’ve secured two new major clients with this process and use it as the basis of all sales conversations with prospective clients.

Carolyn Tate | Founder of Talk on Purpose