Business Mastermind for women with Angela Raspass


Take a deep breath, you've found your home

Your business is a blend of passion and values, life experience and refined skills as you redefine who you are and what you're going to do in this stage of life and a Business Mastermind will support the growth of you and your business in Your Next Chapter.

You have experience and knowledge to share, insights and lessons that shorten and sweeten the journey for others, and so this can be a wonderfully expansive and exciting time!

Unfortunately in my many years as a Marketing Consultant, Business Strategist and Mentor, I've seen how internal obstacles such as self-doubt and comparison and external challenges like a lack of planning, unclear messaging, inconsistent marketing and discomfort around pricing and sales can stop you from growing a financially sustainable business.

I also know that when you work primarily alone without connection and support you can disappear down the online rabbit hole of comparison, chasing your tail across the internet, watching webinars, downloading opt-ins, seeking to emulate the strategies and success of others. You've probably already realised this will never provide the clarity, confidence and consistent results you're looking for.

But a Business Mastermind, led by an experienced facilitator and shared with a small group of committed, wholehearted women? That's a recipe for your success!


You often can’t talk business with family & friends about your challenges and triumphs, because they really don’t understand what it's like to run a business.

There’s tremendous power in being a part of a circle of progressive, smart, wholehearted women who are also focused on growing sustainable, satisfying businesses. Having a trusted group of women you can share your challenges and wins with is one of the most valuable things you can ever have as a business owner and entrepreneur.

The mix of inspiration and motivation, the support and cheerleading, the learning from what’s working that might work for you too and from what's challenging and how it can be handled is priceless for your own growth and enrichment.

And exposure to other industries, technologies, strategies, and concepts broadens your knowledge and often provides a fresh perspective that helps you break out of thinking paradigms that you might not even realised you were stuck within.

A Business Mastermind provides all of this, and so much more.

Circle Mastermind Retreat
Your Next Chapter Business Mastermind

You may have been searching for the right support for a long time...

  • You have an existing business and want momentum and growth, but you're tired of working alone on this journey and falling prey to the procrastination and perfectionism that can too often take over 
  • You’re motivated, enjoy setting goals and taking action, but are sometimes overwhelmed by all the choices, strategies, approaches, tools and apps available and would love accountability and help with planning and implementation
  • You know you have skill gaps to close but are not looking for an online program, you prefer genuine, ongoing, personal connection
  • You're committed to growing your business and reaching and helping more people, but you know to do this you need to refine your business model and services and become more visible in the market 
  • You're generally optimistic and energetic, but you have your days when things feel ever so hard and doubt creeps in

When you become part of a Mastermind, both you and your business will grow.


Business Breakthrough for women with Angela RaspassI'm Angela Raspass and I'm a Business & Life Mentor for women in their 40's and beyond. I've been in business for myself since 2003 when I realised the corporate world was no longer for me.

I launched Ideas Into Action, my small business marketing agency, from my dining room table in 2004. I hired my first casual employee in 2005 and the business gradually grew to the point of my buying an office in Chatswood and having a team of full-time staff.

All the “success 101” boxes were ticked. But in 2012, I began to realise that my heart was no longer engaged and I was burning out, juggling all the demands of my life. I’d focused so much of my energy on growing the business (because that’s the ultimate goal, right?) that I’d forgotten to check in with myself – was this what I actually wanted? The lesson was hard but valuable – “just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should”.

And so at the end of 2012, I decided to step away, regroup and realign.  The need to develop a new vision to ensure we are building a sustainable, fulfilling business for the second half of our lives is not unusual - perhaps you've felt that pull as well?

I also came to understand that I didn't have to do it all alone, that isolation stifles growth, and online courses and huge audience conferences just don't provide the connection I was looking for. I invested in a Mastermind, and what a revelation it was to have like-minded women surrounding and supporting me.

I'm professionally trained in Mastermind Facilitation

As a direct result of that experience, I decided to undergo professional Mastermind Facilitation training and refined my own business model to focus on curating richly supportive Mastermind environments for businesswomen to flourish within.

I know how to carefully curate my groups with a mix of industries and personalities and ensure the participants are at similar levels of business experience so you can positively contribute to each other's growth. I'm also experienced and adept at group facilitation, asking the questions that draw you and your ideas out, keeping you focused on your goals and opening new possibilities. I'm succinct, honest, direct and clear, but my guidance is always delivered with love and integrity and designed to help you make the decisions that best serve you and your business.

In my Masterminds, you'll experience a unique blend of "at the coalface" business strategy and marketing skills and experience with equal parts confidence and self-belief support.

This combination ensures you are guided by me and supported and stretched by your peers and the results are significant and tangible...

My Mastermind clients have:

  • doubled and even tripled their incomes
  • launched new websites and membership sites
  • hosted their first webinars
  • completely changed their business models
  • secured international clients
  • overcome fear and doubt
  • replaced one-off client sessions with deeper programs
  • facilitated transformational retreats
  • tamed technology that used to overwhelm them
  • presented their thought leadership at conferences
  • improved their conversions on sales conversations
  • been interviewed and published
  • created their own masterminds and so much more...

When you're seen, heard and encouraged in a Mastermind, everything becomes possible.

Mags Sheridan



I’d been following Angela Raspass for three years before we started working together. Her messages and her vibe resonated with me, and I felt like one of her people long before we’d spoken a word to each other. She encouraged me that there is a way to do business that fits with my personality.

Anita Gilbert



If you're anything like me and find it hard to ask for help or if you don't know who to ask, then you'll love being part of Angela's mastermind group. After coming from a corporate environment, having your own business can be a very lonely place (that's something I hadn't expected) and knowing that you have the support of a group of intelligent, kind and empathetic women is vital.

Kara Lambert



In my first year in a Business Mastermind with Angela, I tripled my business.

From there I have streamlined my business, year on year, and developed key strategic partnerships. The clarity I have gained and confidence I have built have been invaluable.

I joined the Mastermind to grow my business and in the end I’ve also grown more as a person as well.

Sarah Mane



“Through Angela’s leadership and example, the Mastermind was a place of generosity, love, support and good humour. There was an abundance of new ideas, suggestions, useful critiquing and feedback that has been a game-changer for my business”.

Inna Neal


Business Mastermind in Australia - Participant Inna Neal


The strategies and ideas that I received throughout the Mastermind I was able to put in place and am still putting in place have been exponential in the growth of my business.

I also received things that I didn’t expect. The support, the safe space, the compassion that I received from Angela and the amazing women in the mastermind (who are now my extended family) have been incredible.

Sarah Gillis


I didn’t have any fixed ideas or goals when I started in my Mastermind, but 12 months down the track I am astounded at what I have achieved!

I have unearthed dreams and goals that had been shelved for years and have implemented them! I have interacted with a giving and generous group of women who all care about each other’s successes and hurdles and who are willing to share wholeheartedly.

Liz Davidson


r Kitchen Table


There are stages in life when the answer to your meaning and purpose are not easy to find, and when you think you’ve found it, you then need the courage to grow up and become that person.

I honestly believe that being a member of a Business Mastermind circle has changed my life. If you’re looking for support to grow you and your business, I recommend this experience 100%

Chrissy Crust



The decision to join a Business Mastermind has been the right action at the right time, 100%! Starting with the Clarity Session, the privilege of working with Angela, her laser focus, visual mapping and generous advice left me quietly excited. Two months later and the excitement is not quiet anymore!

Sarah Tovey


Sarah Tpvey Conytent Catalyst - Bloom with Sarah

There are many business coaches and mentors in the world today and for me personally, I aligned myself with one that has the marketing expertise and experience I aspire to achieve. It is also important that Angela will be here for the long haul, this is not a short-term fix, but a long-term journey.



Celebration - bring your wins to calls to create your "Future Fuel".

Hotseats - present your core challenges for our collective help

Accountability - set your priorities and intentions for each working period

  • Personal planning and mentoring sessions
    Three sessions across the Mastermind Program, one when you first join a Circle so we can clarify your vision, your voice and your value, one at the halfway mark, ensuring you are tracking well to your plan and another at the end of the Circle to maintain momentum
  • The fortnightly group calls
    Hot seat & Brains trust. This is the heart of the Mastermind, when you meet with your fellow participants each month on ZOOM, celebrate success, share updates, unpack challenges and set intentions for the month ahead, linked to your 2020 Vision and 90 day Cascade Plans. You'll lean into insights, fresh ideas, feedback, encouragement, and accountability from your fellow members and myself.
  • Business Retreat
    An invitation to the mid-year 3-night Business and Personal Growth Retreat where we will meet and connect face-to-face, delving deeply into the twin strategies of business and personal growth because your business blooms at the sweet spot where these intersect
  • Resource Library
    Access to every resource and Masterclass I've developed over the years to help you and your business to grow... this online resource centre addresses topics from confidence to copywriting and most everything in between and provides exercises, worksheets, templates, videos, interviews, and more for self-directed learning and action.
  • Community
    The Private Facebook Group where all active Masterminders and Alumni gather, and where you are encouraged to connect and share resources, ideas and celebration as well as ask for help whenever you need it. There is also a Facebook Messenger thread for your specific group if you need or want to ask a more private question of me or your colleagues.
Business Mastermind call


You’ll have everything you need to grow your business so that it is both purposeful and prosperous and is wrapped around your core values and experience. All the resources, tools and personal support, all in one place.

A Next Chapter Success Circle Mastermind is a perfect blend of wholehearted support and business nous.

Unlike many other Mastermind programs where you can get lost in a crowd, each Success Circle is an intimate group of no more than 5 people, so everyone has a spotlight session on the monthly group call and ample time for Q&A on the monthly training calls. You'll receive the focused attention, encouragement, support, and accountability that will help you to bloom and you will be carefully and thoughtfully matched with women at similar stages of business development.

I’d love to chat with you to see if a Next Chapter Success Circle Mastermind is a good fit for you and for your business.

This program is a five-figure investment in you and your business and payment plans are available.


Does this sound like you?

If you are a businesswoman who:

  • Resonates with my sentiment that our businesses need to blend contribution, fulfilment and financial reward
  • Is ready for significant clarity and growth - you're keen to take consistent action and would like guidance on how and where to best focus your time and energy
  • Finds yourself looking at other's businesses and successes and feeling both inspired and frustrated!
  • Is looking for a combination of business strategising and growth with laughter, friendship, and deep connection
  • Is ready to show up and give as well as receive
  • Loves the idea of having one central place to come to for support, guidance, mentoring, resources, tools and training
  • Feels isolated and is craving support and a community of like-minded women
  • Is keen on the combination of both group support and personal mentoring for marketing and business growth
Yes? Then a Mastermind is perfect for you.


A Mastermind is probably not right for you at the moment if:

  • You'll find it difficult to commit to attending the fortnightly calls - we create a cohesive group dynamic in a Mastermind and your presence, contribution, and support is a key part of this
  • You are uncomfortable with looking at your mindset and the personal development activities that complement and balance the more strategic side of a business
  • A financial investment in your growth would cause stress - being stretched is ok - it helps us to take action, but being stressed is not!
  • You're looking for a specific formula to follow to reach your business goals - you will have access to my frameworks and resources, guidance, and wholehearted support, but your success is ultimately up to you and the actions you choose to consistently take


Our mid-year retreat is typically held in a location within a 2-hour drive of Sydney and the surroundings will always uplifting – perfect for business and personal breakthroughs!

Whilst an optional activity, you are highly encouraged to attend as the breakthroughs, clarity, momentum and connections you will make are a valuable part of the Mastermind experience. We have a project focus on these retreats - you'll bring along a specific project for feedback and advice that you will work on, and possibly even complete, during our time together. Rest assured though, there is also ample time for relaxation, deep discussion and fun!

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Business Mastermind for women feedback
Liz Davidson Business Mastermind Retreat Feedback

"Thank you for a wonderful Mastermind retreat. I'm amazed at the strategy and focus I walk away in such a short space of time. I feel so refreshed and motivated to have a red hot go at reaching my goals!"

Sarah Tovey


Brenda Tsiaousis



If you're looking for an inspiring cohort of brilliant minds to encourage and support your personal growth, call you on your excuses when it’s needed and champion your ideas I thoroughly recommend becoming a part of a Next Chapter Mastermind.

Lyndal Edwards


My experience of the Next Chapter Mastermind has been both personally and powerfully evolutionary. There are so many things I receive and so many reasons I recommend the experience for other women looking for connecting, community, focus, direction, meaning and general well-meaning butt kicking!

Jo Robertson


Jo RobertsonThe Circle Business Mastermind is an amazing experience, and it just keeps on giving. It has provided support, accountability, resource, feedback, expert help, and friendship. It meant I didn't feel like I was going it alone, I had a support team cheering me along. My knowledge around business and marketing has increased so much and when I look back over the year in review I realise how far I have come.

Linley Cornish

I first joined a Circle Mastermind Group in 2016 and continued in 2017 with the challenge of being accountable for me and by business performance with the caring support of this group.

Being a part of a Business Mastermind for women has given me trusted and safe conversations to verbalise the hard-stuff and to ask for help and guidance. I have also learned an enormous amount of tips and techniques for business development and personal growth during a time of tremendous emotional upheaval and challenge.

Danielle Wright


business coaching client Danielle WrightAny woman, regardless of a first-time entrepreneur or starting a new direction in business or revamping am old one, they all would benefit from working with you.  You have the goods for working strategically but from a place of wholeness, wellbeing, and heart. You talk and walk your business, exuding the wholehearted message you want other woman and their business to achieve.


When you apply to become a part of a Next Chapter Mastermind, we'll have an in-depth discussion to see if a Next Chapter Success Circle Mastermind is a good fit for you once we receive your application, but for now, some of the FAQ's are addressed below for you.