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You're ready for a Business Breakthrough if you:

Feel stuck in your business - something is stopping you from       growing, but you're just not sure what that is.

Aren't hitting the revenue targets you've set yourself, no matter how hard you work.

Are somewhat disillusioned by the ineffectiveness of your marketing.

Love your work overall and have a pretty good track record, but have a nagging feeling that you're not reaching your true potential.

Compare your business to others and feel tempted to simply emulate what they're doing because they "obviously have it right".

Fall prey to self-doubt about your ability to truly succeed and find this inhibits your creativity, focus and consistent action.

Angela Raspass - Business mentor, author and self-worth educator - hist of the next chapter networking dinners

Hi, I’m Angela Raspass

I'm a Mentor for business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals who are growing sustainable, service-based businesses.

When you've moved past the feast or famine stage of development you often ponder the “so, how can I grow” question.

In my consulting, coaching and mentoring work over the past 16+ years, I’ve seen many problems that can hinder growth.

Sometimes these issues are easy to address and your actions yield tangible results. But often, especially if you're working alone, they're not immediately obvious and you can feel stuck, frustrated, confused and cranky when they don't!

That's why I've written this guide for you, highlighting 4 of the most common growth gaps and providing you with clear guidance on how to close them so you can take action to experience your own Business Breakthrough.



"As a solopreneur with a growing business, I downloaded your Breakthrough Guide today and am just writing to say thank you! There was so much in it that resonated with me at this point of my business’ development; particularly your Offer Staircase and Differentiation models, your concept of Cascade Planning; and the sections on content writing and Top Level topics, marketing actions and how to achieve a broader perspective on areas of your business you can strategically develop.  

It’s a great resource that I can see being of value to so many women looking to take their business to the next level!  

Susan Wareham, Executive and Corporate HR Services