Self-Study Business Alignment Program with Angela Raspass

A Business Alignment Program

Imagine feeling aligned, clear and confident in your business.

Stepping out into Your Next Chapter, you're on the edge of a new business beginning. You're emerging from 'life up til now' and have a strong desire for a business that blends contribution, fulfilment and financial rewards.

You know you have all the building blocks for success. They’ve been collected from every experience you’ve had up to this point in your life.

You’re brimming with new energy for this next chapter in your story.

How are you feeling?

Do you feel:

  • Less than confident about the value of what you want to offer?
  • That you know in your heart what you can do, but you’re not sure how to attract the people you want to work with?
  • Uncertain of how to easily describe what it is you do and how it helps?
  • Unsure of how to effectively package and price your services?

Are you:

  • Tripping yourself up, self-sabotaging, comparing yourself to others and letting your inner critic run the show inside your head
  • Overwhelmed by all of the marketing options available, many of which feel out of alignment with you and wonder what's the best use of your time?
  • Thinking that you'll never be able to make good money doing what you love?

Perhaps you've been thinking about your next chapter for so long, or you've been trying to put all the pieces together for ages, and you're scared that it might not ever work out. That you'll be stuck wondering what if...

A thriving business is possible for you

We both know there’s no magic wand to build a business overnight, but I’m delighted to let you know that there is a clear pathway towards it!

There are steps to take that lead you to a place where you’ll be radiating confidence and certainty, blooming in a business that fits you like a glove and allows you to attract and secure beautifully aligned clients and community.

And that will feel like coming home.

Home to you. To a fully aligned place from which fulfilment and abundance will flow...

You have the experience. You have the desire.

And when you have alignment, your business will bloom

Welcome to the answers you’ve been looking for


In case we haven’t met, hello there, I’m Angela Raspass, and I’m a Business Mentor, Author and Self-Worth Educator.

I’ve created this business alignment program to provide you with what I’ve found to be the most important pieces of the business-building puzzle. A framework that has ample room for your personality and unique ideas rather than a one-size-fits-all formula that feels like a straightjacket.

It’s a clear and simple blend, crafted from my own experience of combining self-worth strategy and wholehearted marketing in a business that services you just as much as you serve your clients. And it’s also very affordable, so you can access guidance at a good price.

Business Alignment with Angela Raspass - Busines Mentor and Self-Worth Educator

I know it's not fun feeling stuck, confused or doubting yourself.

In my case after my corporate career and once my kids came along, that was a thriving marketing agency of my own creation, a business that generated that magical ‘multiple six figure turnover’ but gradually depleted my spirit, creativity and energy.

I knew I had to move in a new direction, to create and grow my own Next Chapter business by matching what I loved to do with the proven communication strategies I’d mastered during my marketing years. But it took me a while to let go of the belief that following my heart was a far better option than the safety of staying with what I knew.

Fortunately, I did finally give myself that permission.

But I have to tell you, all of my marketing expertise, experience, strategies, tools and tactics in the world did not initially help me connect with the people I’m truly here to serve.

It was only when I coupled this new direction with re-energised self-belief and clarity on the specific people I am most aligned with to serve before I developed and implemented my wholehearted marketing and communication strategies that pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place.

Joy and flow in your work are irreplaceable. To have that through a business that rewards you abundantly for the work you do in the world is truly priceless.

Achieving this in practice is something I share with my mastermind clients as we shape and market their own unique Next Chapter businesses and now it’s something I’ve designed as an affordable self-study program, sharing what I have learned about wholehearted alignment, confidence, clarity, communication and client attraction.


Confidence and clarity for your next chapter business

  1. You need confidence in your own worth so you can step up and develop your business with certainty and strong self-belief.
  2. You need clarity on your message and who to connect with - the people who need you and the unique transformation or experience that you provide
  3. You need a structure for your ideas and offers, for your Signature System and services – a business framework and plan of action to follow so you have focus and flow
  4. You need strategy, a wholehearted marketing approach that utilises your core skills so you can communicate powerfully and invite clients to step forward and invest in themselves and in your solutions.
  5. You need to take consistent action that's aligned with your values and vision, understanding that this is a marathon, not a sprint!

When you have this combination, that's when things will start to unfold, and you will begin to have the impact and make the difference you've been imagining with your business.

How the programme unfolds

Module One

Build your confidence


Learn how to stop self-sabotaging and develop a deep sense of self-worth and truly value your unique blend of skills, experience and message so you can take consistent, aligned and inspired action.

You will:

  • Deepen your self-belief and self-worth and own your value so you can trust yourself and make intuitive decisions
  • Identify and clear your limiting beliefs and repetitive self-sabotaging behaviours so your self-belief soars
  • Develop creative problem-solving skills and the skylight thinking approach that opens you to new possibilities
  • Create your circle of support that will keep you buoyant and connected as you expand your vision

Module Two

Define the unique core of your business


Confidently define and develop your core messages and the outcomes you deliver so you can communicate the value of what you have to offer to your Most Aligned Clients.

You will:

  • Claim your unique position in the market with your story, style and style, positioning yourself and your work in a magnetic way that is authentic, natural and flowing
  • Master The Iceberg Method to tangibly demonstrate your empathy and understanding of the top of mind challenges of your Most Aligned Clients so you can build the connection and trust that shortens the sales cycle
  • Develop Your Captivating Statement so you can confidently and clearly communicate the outcomes that you deliver

Module Three

Create Your Solutions


Create and package a distinctive solution pathway in programs and solutions that are exciting and fulfilling for you to deliver.

You will:

  • Develop your unique, repeatable Signature System that reinforces your value and market position
  • Master the "Triple C" system to package and price your impact in compelling ways that are both highly attractive to and effective for your audience and profitable for you
  • Create tantalising offers and programs that you are excited to deliver – I have many examples to share!
  • Give your Primary Package a powerful name, capturing the essence of what your program provides and how it is delivered.

Module Four

Define Your Business Framework


Create momentum with a succinct engagement plan to connect and build strong relationships with your audience.

You will:

  • Understand the emotional buying cycle that every person experiences and how to nurture your aligned clients through it
  • Streamline your business model with a Progressive Engagement Plan - my primary strategic planning approach
  • Select the Discovery Marketing strategies and tactics that leverage your skills and style
  • Adopt and personalise the powerful productivity tools I use to stay in focus and flow each day, week and quarter

Program bonuses

from our two very special guest experts

Bonus One

Embrace business storytelling


Learn how to define & share your power stories to build connection and trust with your Most Aligned Clients.
Recorded Training Webinar and Workbook from Emma Grey.

You will:

  • Deepen your self-belief and self-worth and own your value so you can trust yourself and make intuitive decisions
  • Identify and clear your limiting beliefs and repetitive self-sabotaging behaviours so your self-belief soars
  • Develop creative problem-solving skills and the skylight thinking approach that opens you to new possibilities
  • Create your circle of support that will keep you buoyant and connected as you expand your vision

Emma Grey

Emma is multi-passionate, and divides her attention between three businesses: WorkLifeBliss, My 15 Minutes and The Storytelling Business where she crafts captivating copy that reflects the unique style of each of her diverse clients.

Her words have been published many times in the national print and online media, including on Mamamia, Kidspot and in her regular column for HerCanberra and she has presented writing and social media workshops over many years.

Bonus Two

Develop your client pathway


The art of creating Soulful Client Pathways for your client journey from discovery to investment. Recorded Webinar training with Kellie O'Brien.

You will:

  • Understand the most important steps you need to incorporate into your Client Pathways to increase connection
  • Learn how to attract and nurture your Most Aligned Clients until they are ready to invest with you with a value-adding email sequence
  • Choose the Opt-In that will utilise to attract genuine attention
  • Understand how to craft a thank you page that serves a greater long term purpose in your business

Kellie O'Brien

Kellie is an author, speaker and blogger who specialises in social media, online marketing and launch strategy, empowering entrepreneurs and small business owners to use storytelling and systems to create social media campaigns to increase your reach, reputation and revenue as you launch your product, program or book to leverage your business.

As a former journalist, she works at uncovering entrepreneurs’ unique business stories for platform building, self expression and soulful sales pathways, while preventing mind stories from keeping them small.

How the programme unfolds

Aligned is a self-study program that you complete at your own pace - you have immediate access to all of the materials once you make payment.

All of the Course Modules are accessible through my Next Chapter Hub where I house all of my business and personal development programs. It's accessible on your computer, tablet and phone. You will set up your User name and Password as a part of your registration process so you can reach the Aligned Materials at any time.

Each module begins with a video overview, followed by written content and audios to explain the exercises to complete

The bonus Webinar Presentations with Emma Grey and Kellie O'Brien are complimented by Bonus Workbooks from these two generous experts that you will also find in the Hub.

I also encourage you to come and join the Your Next Chapter Community where you are most welcome to post questions and tag me


What does an aligned you look like?

  • Clearly articulating what you do and how you can help people
  • Standing on your story, demonstrating your empathy, expertise and wealth of experience
  • Free of the Comparison and Perfectionist Traps once and for all, recognising there is no “right way” to build a business model, just the right way for you
  • Confidently and consistently marketing in ways that leverage your natural skills, enhancing your energy and impact
  • Packaging and positioning your services in captivating and solution-oriented ways that are enticing to your clients and solve real problems
  • Taking consistent, aligned action on your Vision and Goals

You’ll begin to attract beautifully aligned clients and abundance into your life when you’re no longer drowning in uncertainty, overwhelmed by bright shiny options, weighed down by a sea of articles, blog posts and eBooks, trying to figure out the way forward on your own.