Building a Positive Mindset for Business Success

Don’t let Helga determine your Mindset

I’m enrolled in an online health and fitness program at the moment hosted by the wonderful Nichole Kellerman. It’s a three-month approach to losing the “diet” mentality forever, resetting your mindset and taking the time to invest in nurturing yourself with healthy food and exercise.

Nothing new there, you may think. I initially thought so too until I dipped below the surface and tapped into just one of the unique ideas that Nichole has developed. I’m particularly enamored with a mindset trick called Helga.

Yep, Helga.

That often nasty, meddling, saboteur inner critic who’s hell bent on not allowing you to change and reach your true potential has been named Helga in this program (Nichole and I both apologise if you do have an actual Helga in your life and she’s a lovely person!).

By giving the voice a name, Nichole helped us to externalize it and that is a very powerful mindset shift that you can also adopt. Once you have named your Inner Critic you will have the space to more easily recognise when she is moving in and taking up space in your head. And it’s surprisingly easier to push back against something tangible like a Helga than it is to negate your own thoughts that can seem slippery and evasive, that may issue a negative judgment (“ha, you’ll never achieve THAT”) and then slip away to hide………taunting you from the shadows.

What name comes to mind when you think about your Inner Critic? I really encourage you to claim her and name her and perhaps even go as far as to draw a picture of her. Then you’ll be able to spot her a mile away when she shows up and develop your own strategies to deal with her effectively.

Your Helga should not be mistaken for the voice of reason that often appears when you are considering a new venture, stretching outside your previous comfort zone. Your voice of reason is worth listening too, because that is the intelligent and rationale side of you. Let’s call her Lauren for now.

Helga is very black and white, she allows no grey to soften her option. Lauren in contrast allows speculation, possibilities. Helga is repetitive and highly emotional and reactionary. Lauren is future focused and far more grounded, tempering her emotions. Helga always has a sense of impending doom as a result of high anxiety where Lauren is far calmer and realistic.

Helga keeps you small, you feel doubtful and constrained when she shows up. Lauren opens and expands you and gives you a feeling of anticipation. That regardless of the work that may be involved, your idea is achievable with the right strategy.

We all need a little more Lauren and a little less Helga in our lives – let’s focus on building a positive mindset!

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  1. Cara Citrowske on March 24, 2013 at 12:38 am

    I love this idea of separating the negative voice from the voice of possibilities and potential.

    My “Play Small Sally” voice tells me to play it safe and don’t take risks. Don’t say what you want or feel because people might not like you. She operates on fear and she is no fun at all! My “Catalyst Cara” tells me that I have the power to change anything I want to. She does not let me wallow or whine. She looks at situations from all angles and then chooses the path that feels right to my gut and moves me to be clear, happy, and free.

    Thank you, Angela for sharing this message. I will apply it daily in my life and my business. I will take a moment to check who is talking in my head and then make sure Catalyst Cara kicks Play Small Sally to the curb!

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