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buying process

Attracting new clients quickly – is it possible?

Often when clients start to work with me their number one objective is to attract their own new clients, quickly! Is that possible? Can…

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Your Big Leap – 3 actions that will help you to soar

One of my favourite books is The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. It’s all about taking “The Big Leap” beyond what Gay calls our…

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Hey, you’re extraordinary!

I just came back to my desk after a beautiful weekend away at a Spiritual Retreat in Jamberoo. It was a serene place to…

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The silver bullet of business success

“IF YOU’D LIKE TO HAVE A $100,000 MARKETING FUNNEL IN THE NEXT 30 DAYS CLICK HERE!” This was the headline on an ad I…

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Are you an entrepreneurial chameleon?

When I meet you at a networking event who do I see? When I visit your blog who do I feel? When I receive…

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in betweener days

In praise of ordinary days

Three cheers for the Inbetweener days. If you are like many women, you probably have frequent forays into the BIG THREE as I call…

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daily affirmations

Avoiding the slippery slope of self-doubt

Avoiding the slippery slope of self-doubt Do you always feel totally on top of the world, ready to slay the demons of doubt as…

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r and r

How to communicate the results you create

R&R is a little known secret for attracting more clients… Sorry, but it’s not quite what you think…. This week I’d like to share…

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You can’t see the spot you are standing on

I’ve been in marketing and sales forEVER. Or thats what it feels like anyway! And since those skills are at the core of what…

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