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The fundamentals of feedback for your business ideas

The fundamentals of feedback for your ideas

If you’re a solopreneur it’s highly likely that you often work away on new ideas in relative isolation. To ensure your efforts and good…

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Client Pathways rather than Sales Funnels

Automate your business with sales funnels

How many of your relationships with your favourite online personalities started with social media but soon progressed to your inbox? Ever feel like you…

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Find your business voice as a storycatcher

I recently uncovered my old teenage diaries, including some of the notes my friends and I used to pass to each other in class.…

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Next Chapter Business Success begins with your Don;'t Want List

The key ingredient for business clarity and success

I believe that knowing what you don’t want in your Next Chapter business is perhaps the most vital ingredient for clarity. This wholehearted truth…

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The what and why of a Business Mastermind

A while ago I recognised something about myself. Although I’m a person who can often make a decision, focus and gets things done, I’m…

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5 insights to make the most of attending a live event

As an entrepreneur, you are likely to spend a fair bit of time hunkered down behind your computer screen, tapping away as you work…

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The-secret-tool-for-business planning success

Do you use this secret business planning technique?

A couple of weeks ago I hosted a Virtual Planning Workshop for seven wholehearted women, sharing my favourite “tried and tested” tools that I…

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your value as an entrepreneur

Value your impact

Do you ever wonder, as you work away each and every day, what impact you might be having? What difference you may be making?…

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learn from my mistake

Learning from my mistakes in business

Being an entrepreneur can be a painful business sometimes. It’s often a steep learning curve and we find ourselves building the runway as we taxi down…

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