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3 Lessons & 4 shares for business growth – Part One

13 Nov 2017

In late 2015 a good friend and I went along to the inaugural We Are Podcast conference on the Gold Coast. I’m a big fan of live events and I was keen to find out what was involved in starting a Podcast. I was inspired! Three months later Your Next Chapter, Business & Life Beyond […]

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Creating and consuming content

Connecting, creating and consuming in your business

18 Sep 2017

Do you sometimes feel a wee bit overwhelmed by all of the actions you could take, the marketing you could develop, the strategies you could implement, the information you could take in, the connections you could make in this increasingly noisy and crowded business world? I know I do, and I often have to battle […]

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AB Week Schedule for productivity and business planning

The magic of A/B Scheduling for Productivity & Planning

28 Aug 2017

I shared this FB Live in my Next Chapter Facebook Group last week after a member of my Success Circle Mastermind mentioned how it was transforming her business – helping her to clear the decks so she could work ON her biz not just IN it. I’ve since chatted with several people about it and […]

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The Chakra Business System

The Business Development Chakra System

18 Apr 2017

Over the past 3 months I have been immersed in the first term of a year-long journey into “Intuitive Awareness’ at the Awareness Institute in Crows Nest. Our first topic of focus has been the chakra system. Enrolling in this program was a great example of how the Reticular Activating Systems (RAS) in the base […]

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Your Next Chapter Manifesto

03 Feb 2017

Right now, I commit to my Next Chapter, a life lived wide open, immersed in what lights me up, captivates me, makes me feel whole, purposeful and joyful. Because when I commit fully to my desires, the ripples of my joy and delight emanate into my world and positively impact upon everyone I touch, friends, […]

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Reflecting on 2016 and planning 2017

Reflecting on the year that has been and looking forward to 2017

19 Dec 2016

It’s that time of the year isn’t it? Amidst the hustle and bustle and joy of Christmas and the promise, for many of us, of a quieter more leisurely time over the holiday season, questions arrive. They politely sit in the back of your mind and wait for your attention. They may be patient, but […]

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Celebrating a new life in my Next Chapter

25 Nov 2016

I’ve just reached a significant personal milestone, a Next Chapter for me, and I feel elated and very, very grateful. I’m celebrating 10 continuous years of sobriety and involvement in the recovery movement. Right now, regardless of the surface level challenges in my life, fundamentally, at my core, I feel content and fulfilled. I like […]

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there's a crack in everything, That's how the light gets n.

There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in

05 Sep 2016

Next Chapters are often built on skinned knees. The experiences you’ve had as you’ve fallen into the potholes of life are invaluable. They allow you to turn around and provide a map for the people coming up behind you, helping them to shorten their own journeys, perhaps even avoid some of the pain or frustrations […]

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The fundamentals of feedback for your business ideas

The fundamentals of feedback for your ideas

12 Jul 2016

If you’re a solopreneur it’s highly likely that you often work away on new ideas in relative isolation. To ensure your efforts and good intentions pay off, I’d like to share three key insights with you to ensure that the feedback you receive will be immensely valuable for you. Don’t design at the whiteboard for too long […]

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