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The shift – what is my life purpose?

23 Jul 2013

I took some time out last Friday to watch a movie featuring the personal development leader, Wayne Dyer, called The Shift – from ambition to purpose. It made quite an impression, resonating with me right down to my core and I’d like to share the thoughts, observations and connections that I took from it with […]

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Self compassion versus the inner critic

09 Jul 2013

An evening with Kristin Neff If you’ve been following me for awhile, you’re probably aware that I am a big fan of Brene Brown, the Texan academic who is spreading the message across the globe of the gifts of imperfection and courage in vulnerability, Brene speaks of wholeheartedness, and that’s where my inspiration for helping […]

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Recommitment versus Resistance

01 Jul 2013

There’s a fire in your belly, a vision in your mind, excitement in your heart……. you’ve set yourself a big, hairy, audacious goal and you are feeling focused, inspired and motivated. You power towards it, creating your strategy, listing your tactics, scheduling the activities that will take you forward. There’s a wee set back or […]

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Our deepest fears….

14 Jun 2013

I’ve just come off a call with my coach in San Francisco. Andrea is amazing – she’s an Life Empowerment Coach and has been guiding me with much love and patience on a journey of self discovery over the past six months. Pretty scary work sometimes, choosing to look at my fears and the patterns that play […]

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The Peacock Episode

11 Jun 2013

It’s a more reflective video blog post this week than I typically share….. but I know its an important one. As a woman in business, you are likely to be juggling many different roles, looking after lots of people including your clients. Your To Do List and ideas list are equally as long as each […]

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