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The secret – Stress + Rest = Growth

There’s been a lot going on in my world at the moment. I’ve been juggling roles – Carer, as my husband was back in the hospital for 2 weeks for more surgery and is now in slow recovery mode, Marketing Manager for our two Yacht businesses, getting organised for the Sydney Boat Show at the…

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Reverse Gap your business growth

Personal growth

“When I look at this sofa, at what I’ve made, I’m thinking like wooahhhh, that’s amazing! I mean when I started on this show, I had no idea I could actually make a piece of furniture. I had no idea. And look at it. It’s amazing. So I really don’t care about how its’ judged…

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Six steps to escape The Comparison Trap

How to stop comparing yourself to others

Imagine if crowds of people pressed their noses right up against the windows of your home every day. Imagine if they came straight through the front door and started walking through the rooms, opening the drawers and cupboards, checking your visitor’s book, and having a really good look around. And then, without ever having a…

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Business pruning, planting and fertilising

Next Chapter Business Pruning with Angela Raspass

Business Pruning – why it’s necessary (and how to know what to remove) As we journey through our life we grow and change and expand. We let go of old ideas, habits and beliefs that we’ve come to realise aren’t true or healthy for us anymore and replace them with fresh insights. Your business evolves…

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Lessons and shares for business growth – Part Two

We are podcast - the nest steps

Part Two – Now, Next & Later This is Part Two of a long post sharing many of the insights I gained at the recent We Are Podcast Conference in Brisbane. You can read Part One here. Whenever you attend a conference or event, if you can leave with just one of two major insights…

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Connecting, creating and consuming in your business

Creating and consuming content

Do you sometimes feel a wee bit overwhelmed by all of the actions you could take, the marketing you could develop, the strategies you could implement, the information you could take in, the connections you could make in this increasingly noisy and crowded business world? I know I do, and I often have to battle…

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The magic of A/B Scheduling for Productivity & Planning

AB Week Schedule for productivity and business planning

I shared this FB Live in my Next Chapter Facebook Group last week after a member of my Success Circle Mastermind mentioned how it was transforming her business – helping her to clear the decks so she could work ON her biz not just IN it. I’ve since chatted with several people about it and…

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The Business Development Chakra System

The Chakra Business System

Over the past 3 months I have been immersed in the first term of a year-long journey into “Intuitive Awareness’ at the Awareness Institute in Crows Nest. Our first topic of focus has been the chakra system. Enrolling in this program was a great example of how the Reticular Activating Systems (RAS) in the base…

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Your Next Chapter Manifesto

Right now, I commit to my Next Chapter, a life lived wide open, immersed in what lights me up, captivates me, makes me feel whole, purposeful and joyful. Because when I commit fully to my desires, the ripples of my joy and delight emanate into my world and positively impact upon everyone I touch, friends,…

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