I'm pretty sure we'll have a lot in common

"Midlife is when the universe gently places her hands upon your shoulders, pulls you close, and whispers in your ear: I’m not screwing around. It’s time"

Brene Brown

Angela Raspass Keynote Speaker

I understand your deep desire for contribution and fulfilment.

You want your work to have an impact, to have meaning and purpose. You likely want your business to nourish and energise you, a business that complements rather than commandeers your life.

But it can be common to get stuck doing the work that you can, but not necessarily the work that you really want to do. Change without support can be challenging, no matter how strong your desire.

Your desire for change can be hampered by self-doubt, comparison and procrastination. And it’s certainly no fun to work in isolation when this happens.


Because I agree wholeheartedly with Brene, it IS your time.

 Your world is opening up now.

  • Perhaps it's because you've outgrown your old business vision and are ready for change, for something that's more...you
  • Perhaps it's because you are just OVER the corporate world and want to start your own thing
  • Perhaps that’s because you’re emerging from taking full-time care of your family or others who’ve been depending on you.
  • Perhaps it's because you've come through illness, separation, divorce, addiction or trauma and you’re battle-scarred but stronger and more insightful and with a strong desire to share your message and to infuse this experience into the heart of your business.

Whatever your catalyst, it's your time.

Have you noticed your desire to be “on-purpose” in your business has increased significantly? That there’s a growing sense of urgency to respond to that yearning inside to reach your potential, to have more impact, to have, significance.

I can help

I'll help you develop and give structure to your ideas for a new business, to revitalise your existing business so it feels more aligned with the woman you have become or to expand and grow, to play bigger in your market. Together we’ll work on escaping the Comparison Trap, letting go of self-doubt, getting clear on your message and business model and mastering wholehearted marketing and sales so you can balance your desire to attract clients and cash flow with your desire for contribution and fulfilment.

Why is this work so important to me?

Because I wasted far too much time stuck in The Comparison Trap and all it's should’s and musts, doubts and difficulties, detours and derailments, believing that what I really wanted to share and do with my work was not possible because compared to so many others I was not...

Smart enough or strong enough.

Qualified enough or distinctive enough.

Confident enough or knowledgable enough

Just. Not. Enough.

With the benefit of Kindsight, I can now see that I was clearly in the Discontent Stage of the Next Chapter Model of Change, hamstrung by doubt. But at the time, I didn't have the insight or awareness to see this. I was just in pain.

When I finally developed the courage to let go, respond to my desire and make the leap into My Next Chapter in 2012, to create and build the business I wanted rather than stay in the one I thought I was limited too, the feeling of joy, relief and subsequent expansion confirmed it was the right decision.

Your Next Chapter Model of Change

The many, MANY women I have worked with since who are now on the same journey assured me I was not alone in this desire for more, for different, for something more aligned with me.

There really is so much more waiting for you when you listen to your heart and trust yourself.

What do I believe in?

I believe in new possibilities. In evolutions, not revolutions. In progress, not perfection.

I believe in you, and your ideas, the contribution you are here to make.

I believe in the woman that you have become.

I want to help you move through doubt, value your experience and build your self-belief. I want to provide you with a fresh perspective so you can develop clarity on your next steps. And then I want to help you design a business and develop wholehearted marketing to bring your vision to life and define what success in Your Next Chapter will look like for you.

And, perhaps most importantly, I want to connect you with other like-minded women who are also embarking on their next chapters in business and life so you no longer feel isolated. Change without support can be hard. With camaraderie, it can be a delight! 

I'm so glad you're here

In my wee corner of the web, because although I’m anchored in my happiest of Next Chapters now, it took me a while to get here. I’ve learned how to navigate the bumps on the road and that means I have so much to share with you to make your own journey a little easier.

Life in my Next Chapter is so much better than it used to be.

I’ve worked hard on developing a healthy self-belief that springs from a solid core of self-worth, and that effort has paid off. I’m doing work I love, work that aligns with my heart and makes a difference.

But, like so many Next Chapter women, my present has been built on the skinned knees of my past.


Let's go back a few years...

Because I still shiver a little when I look back and can now see how all of the steps have led me to where I am today. Things do seem to happen for a reason, even if we don't understand them at the time.

But in the early 2000's I was struggling.  By definition I had a wonderful life. A husband, two lovely kids, a nice house in the suburbs, wonderful friends, a successful corporate marketing career followed by a freelance marketing consultancy I ran from my home after the kids were born.

All the happiness and success boxes appeared to be ticked.

But I was not acknowledging the stress that I was juggling was causing. I was often unhappy, overwhelmed and carrying a load of guilt for feeling that way.

My insides didn't match my outsides

I was fearful that the Everything's Fine facade that I so carefully presented to the world would crack and the real story of my “not enoughness” would be revealed to my friends and family and clients.

In the midst of a spiralling self-belief crisis (which had been my traveling companion for a very long time, in fact, since my teens), I had become increasingly dependent on winding down with a few drinks at the end of the day. I loved the way it felt when alcohol quieted the doubts and turned down the volume on the judgmental voice that harassed me from the inside.

The problem is when you try and numb your emotions, you don't get to selectively choose which feelings are anaesthetised. The good are removed as well - confidence, courage, motivation, positivity, they are all gradually eroded.

I was stuck in a horrendous, self-destructive loop.

Eventually - thankfully - I began to understand that outside solutions can never fix inside challenges. With help and support, I flicked that switch and stopped numbing myself.

And that's when I began to grow again.

I started to believe in myself and what I was capable of. This major shift allowed me to begin a new chapter in my life. I've since realised that it's our self-belief that shapes the extent to which we flourish and expand. It's our ability to listen to - and act upon - our own intuition that supports us.

Self-worth quote

Another chapter began as my marketing agency emerged

Once I let go of the external props that had held me up (but were also holding me captive) - once I took hold of the resources within me, my optimism, enthusiasm, and self-worth were revitalised.

This new vitality spread into my business life. The small marketing consultancy that I had launched at my dining room table in 2003 grew.

And grew.

And grew!

I moved from being a solopreneur in a home office into serviced offices with casual staff. And from there to buying an office in Chatswood and expanding my team to four staff. Together we built a healthy multiple six-figure turnover, serving clients in three states.

But by late 2012, something else dawned. I realised I’d built a business that fully engaged all of my strategic skills from my previous corporate life, but very little of my heart. I'd built something without ever pausing and asking myself, "is this what I really want?".

When I finally did pause and ask myself that question, the answer was clear. Not any more.

I now knew from experience how important it is to pause when these feelings emerge. To listen when our heart speaks.

I remember thinking:

"Can I really do this? Should I? Can I really let go of this business and start anew? Isn’t there something just a little bit foolish about letting go and starting again at 43? Shouldn't I just knuckle down, suck it up and make this work?"

But then I considered the alternative. I imagined NOT making a change. Not following my heart. Not listening to my intuition. Staying safe. Staying where I was, doing what I was good at, but doing it without joy. I began to understand that just because you can, it doesn't mean you should!

And so it was time for another new Chapter to begin.

That's the business you've discovered here - the synthesis of all of my strategic marketing experience and my personal development journey into self-belief and worthiness into coaching and mentoring of women who are also stepping into their own Next Chapters.

magic happens

Magic happens when you choose to trust yourself. When you define success by your own values, not anyones else's. When you align purpose and possibility with positive action. The ripples you create then help and inspire others in ways they never imagined. Ways that you never could have imagined earlier in your life.

Because success and fulfilment isn't just about what you accomplish in your life. It's also about what you inspire others to do.

Next Chapters are often characterised by significant shifts

  • Shifts from ambition to fulfillment.
  • From should to could.
  • From success to satisfaction.
  • From obligation to contribution.
  • From maybe I can to yes, I'm leaping!
  • It’s all about e x p a n s i o n and it's exciting and scary and challenging and freeing all at the same time...

Are you ready for a new possibility?

I support women who want to discover what their Next Chapter is going to be, women who are looking to deepen their current Next Chapter Business and women who are looking to diversify - to pivot and change direction, beginning the next chapter of their current business or career.

Let's have a Wholehearted Conversation and explore how I can help you take the next step, just click here to read more and get started.




Angela YSA #27

The "Official Bio"

Following a corporate Media career in advertising, marketing, sponsorship and sales with News Limited, Angela launched her Marketing Consultancy, Ideas Into Action, from her dining room table in 2003 after the birth of her children.

Ideas Into Action provided diverse expertise and solutions across business planning, marketing strategy, graphic design, website development, copywriting, launch strategies, project management and more and the business quickly grew to a stage where Angela purchased an office in Chatswood, leading a small, committed team of four staff and several contractors, taking care of small to medium-sized clients in three states.

In 2012, Angela made the decision to move from the world of consulting into mentoring to cater to the emerging market of female entrepreneurs. Drawing upon her depth of business and personal development, she has created a unique blend of marketing and mindset support to help women pivot and flourish in a “Your Next Chapter”® business and life.

A couple of times a month I share wholehearted conversations from my Podcast along with blog posts, resources and ideas to inspire you for Your Next Chapter journey - I'd love to share them with you.

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