I'm a Mentor and Strategist
a catalyst for change and growth


I'm a catalyst for next chapters, for helping you to blend strategy and self-worth so you have the clarity and confidence to move towards your biggest goals and dreams.

The world needs inspired, purposeful people now more than ever, and so my vision encompasses:

  • Encouraging you to consciously choose your Next Chapters, rather than to simply allow them to happen.
  • Ensuring you don't stay in a job, business or another scenario where you are not fulfilled,
  • Supporting you to let go of comparison, competition and conditioning so you can anchor in the worth of your unique skills and experience.

My work specifically addresses business growth through the Your Next Chapter Hub and personal and teams growth through the Centre for Self-Worth Hub.

Your Next Chapter begins with acknowledging discontent

Discontent is a sign. It's an invitation to change and expansion, but often it can be difficult to respond to.

You can get stuck in the "Deliberation Zone", oscillating between discontent with what is and desire for what may be, with doubts, fears, and misbeliefs preventing you from acting on your ideas.

A decision sets you free.

It allows a new path to open. It puts you into the "Doing Zone", making choices, taking imperfect action, moving forward, learning, and growing.

That's where you embrace career and business change, start new relationships, develop new beliefs and take inspired action. It’s where you can design a business that serves you just as much as you serve your clients and customers, delivering services, experiences, and products that feel completely aligned with the person you have become.

The Next Chapter Cycle of Change

How do you back yourself through change?

To move through the Change Cycle, to expand into the fullest expression of you, you need a strong connection to your innate self-worth.

Without this, it's difficult to act on your desires, to value your contribution, to give yourself permission to choose the work that most fulfils you, or to allow yourself to receive the financial rewards on offer.

I developed the Self-Worth Trilogy © to model this process of reconnection and weave the practices and tools of worthiness into my work. Self-worth is the birthplace of confidence, creativity, resilience, courage, leadership and so much more.

Increase your confidence with The self-Worth Trilogy

Why is this work so important to me?

Although I’m in a happy and healthy stage of my business and life now, when I look back with kindsight through my previous chapters, I can clearly see the repercussions of my disconnection from self-worth.

I was:

  • Stuck in a perpetual state of comparison and self-doubt where I allowed myself to be held hostage, chameleon like, to other people’s opinions and approval, rather than trusting my own inner wisdom and desires
  • Devaluing my skills and experience with a blanket belief of “not being quite good enough” which led me to staying in my comfort zone, holding myself back and feeling unfulfilled
  • Numbing my fears and doubts with alcohol that anaesthetised the full spectrum of my emotions - the good were removed along with the bad – my confidence, courage, motivation, positivity, were all gradually eroded.

I was stuck in a pretty self-destructive loop, going through the motions of business and life.

Eventually - thankfully - I began to understand that outside solutions can never fix inside challenges. With help and support, I flicked the switch and stopped numbing myself.

And that's when I began to grow again.

When I let go of the need for approval and reconnected to my self-worth I started to believe in myself and what I was capable of. This major shift and a commitment to a life-changing handy set of principles, practices and tools allowed me to begin a new chapter in my life.

My business grew once I was anchored in self-worth

Once I took hold of the resources within me, my optimism, enthusiasm, and self-worth were revitalised.

This new vitality spread into my business life. My small marketing consultancy grew from my dining room table to buying an office in Chatswood with full time staff.

But by late 2012, something else dawned. I realised I’d built a business that fully engaged all of my strategic skills from my previous corporate life, but very little of my heart. I'd built something without ever pausing and asking myself, "is this what I really want?".

When I finally did pause and ask myself that question, the answer was clear. Not any more.

Another chapter emerged

I began to understand that just because you can, it doesn't mean you should!

And so it was time for my next chapter to begin.

That's what you've discovered here - the synthesis of all of my business strategy experience and my journey into worthiness into the programs provided through the two connected arms of my business - Your Next Chapter and the Centre for Self-Worth - a thriving business that blends contribution, fulfilment and financial reward.

What will unfold in Your Next Chapter?

Let’s find out, shall we?

You can buy my book here, explore my business mentoring services here, and my self-worth reconnection approach here.



Business Mentor, Author, Self-Worth Educator International Self-Worth Academy Associate Instinctive Drives® Certified Partner
Certificate in Neuroscience & Brain Health
Certificate in ACT
Enrolled in Diploma of Positive Psychology