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I believe a sustainable business is one that serves you just as much as you serve your clients, blending contribution, fulfilment and financial reward.

If you're settling for what you can do, rather than what you truly want to do, not only will you feel increasingly frustrated and disappointed, but the world is missing out on your insight, talent and perspective.

I’m intimately acquainted with that experience, and that’s why I can help you.

Looking back
with Kindsight.


Hindsight is a wonderful thing. But Kindsight – compassionate reflection, is even more so. It allows you to recognise that nothing you have ever done has been wasted, and that the path into our next chapters is often meandering…

Let’s explore Your Next Chapter

I know you have a big heart, a strong desire to make a significant contribution and the wisdom that comes from life experience. And now, you're ready for more.

I’ve seen a clear cycle that the hundreds of women I’ve worked with have had to move through as they embrace change.

It starts with discontent, a gnawing sense that more is possible, connected to a strong desire for something new. You can get stuck in what I call the “Deliberation Zone, oscillating between the two feelings, because change without support, no matter how strong the desire, can be hard.

To move into the Doing Zone, to actively design the next chapter of your business and then deliver the new version to the world, you need to make the decisions that lead to a breakthrough and your next level of growth.

And that growth, that inner expansion demands that you navigate doubt, uncertainty, fear and comparison.

The Next Chapter Cycle of Change

How can I support you?

I’ve been successfully self-employed since 2003 when I launched my Marketing Consultancy after a BC (before children) corporate career in sales, marketing, sponsorships and events. I grew this one-women job into a thriving business with a small, dynamic team. All was well until, burning out and distinctly discontent, I realised I’d built a business that fully utilised my skills, but had left my heart behind.

After much deliberation, I finally made the leap into my own next chapter – the business that you have found here today. I’m delighted to support women just like you take consistent, confident action on your biggest goals through a unique blend of strategy and self-worth.

I offer a rather useful book, a wholehearted community, business programs and retreats that help you build a business that aligns with your definition of success.

I’m so glad you’ve found my world.



Business Mentor, Author and Self-Worth Educator

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