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I believe our lives are most fulfilling when we feel purposeful and useful by contributing our unique skills, experience and insights through a business, career or in a mentoring or volunteer/community role. I've found that meaningful work, giving back, and making a difference in some way is essential for personal well-being.

If you're settling for what you can do, rather than what you truly want to do, not only will you feel increasingly frustrated and disappointed, but the world is missing out on your generosity, experience and skills.

I’m intimately acquainted with that experience, and that’s why I can help.

Looking back
with Kindsight.

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Hindsight is a wonderful thing. But Kindsight – compassionate reflection, is even more so. It allows you to recognise that nothing you have ever done has been wasted and that new choices and change is possible at any point in time.

Let’s explore Your Next Chapter

What's waiting for you in Your Next Chapter? Will you start, change or close that business, apply for that job or promotion, write that book, share your art, host that event, end that relationship, start that hobby, volunteer for that charity, or perhaps even start your own...

A new chapter can arrive at any time for so many reasons and I've seen a clear cycle that the hundreds of women I’ve worked with move through as they embrace the next stage in their lives.

It starts with discontent, a gnawing feeling of dissatisfaction, a feeling of being done with striving and performing or of doing unfulfilling things that just don't feel right anymore.

These feelings provoke a strong desire for something more, for something different. It's time to get curious and explore! But this is also where you can become stuck in what I call the “Deliberation Zone", oscillating between the two feelings, finding it difficult to know what that next step is, or doubting your ability to change.

To move into the "Doing Zone", to actively design Your Next Chapter and then deliver the new version to the world, you need to make the decision that leads to a breakthrough and your next level of growth.

And that growth, that inner expansion demands that you navigate doubt, uncertainty, fear and comparison and back yourself.

Take a breath and step forward.

The Next Chapter Cycle of Change

How do you back yourself through change?

To move through the Change Cycle, to expand into the fullest expression of you, you need a strong connection to your innate self-worth.

Without this, it's difficult to act on your desires, to value your contribution, to give yourself permission to do the things that most fulfil you, or to allow yourself to receive the rewards on offer.

I developed the Self-Worth Trilogy © to model this process of reconnection and weave the practices and tools of worthiness into my work. Self-worth is the birthplace of confidence, creativity, resilience, courage, leadership and so much more.

The vitally important difference between fueling yourself with Self-Worth, rather than self-esteem is that the former is an enduring and powerful internal support system, while the latter relies on external approval and validation that can never be relied on.

Fortunately, the practices to anchor yourself with self-worth are easily learned.


Why is this work so important to me?

Although I’m in a happy and healthy stage of my business and life now, when I look back with kindsight through my previous chapters, I can clearly see recurring patterns where I was:

  • Stuck in a perpetual state of comparison and self-doubt where I allowed myself to be held hostage to other people’s opinions and approval, rather than trusting my own inner wisdom and desires
  • Devaluing my skills and experience with a blanket belief of being “not quite good enough” that kept me in my comfort zone

I seemed to have a somewhat vague hunger for more, a feeling that I had not reached my potential but was not really sure how to define it, let alone reach for it.

Eventually, when I was able to let go of the need for approval and the idea that there was some mystical "right" way to do things (there's not, there's just the right way for you) and reconnect to my self-worth (a practice, not an event) I started to believe in myself and decided to explore what I was capable of and what I am simply most interested in.

I gave myself permission to craft a business and a life that leverages my strengths and values, which allows me to enjoy lifelong learning and my desire to lift others. I've developed a powerfully handy set of principles, practices and tools that allow me to continue to grow - and these are the core insights I share.

They are frameworks, not formulas. No silver bullets. Change is gradual and it can be hard, but it is possible, delightful and definitely worthwhile.

And it's an evolution, not a revolution! I don't have all my ducks in a row, but I am enjoying the journey and continuing to learn and grow.

How can I support you?

I’ve navigated several significant chapters in my adult life and these experiences have honed my empathy, intuition and strategic skills, a dynamic combination I harness to help women in my community to recognise and value their own strengths and create a new path.

  • I’ve been successfully self-employed since 2003 when I launched my Marketing Consultancy after a BC (before children) corporate career in sales, marketing, sponsorships and events. I grew this one-woman freelance job into a thriving marketing agency with a small, dynamic team. All was well until, burning out and distinctly discontent, I realised I’d built a business that fully utilised my skills, but that I'd grown without pausing and considering if it was what I really wanted.After much deliberation, I finally made the leap from consulting to mentoring – the business that you have found here today.
  • In the midst of this journey, I finally faced and beat a serious addiction that had been keeping me emotionally numb with a fierce inner critic for a very long time. With determination, therapy and a 12-step program, I’ve been happily sober for 16 years now.
  • And most recently, an unexpected ADHD diagnosis at the age of 53 has led me to medication and strategies to better tame, understand and make the most of the power of my highly creative but rather impulsive brain!

I’m delighted to support women just like you pause, get clear and then take consistent, confident action on your own goals through a unique blend of self-coaching, strategy and self-worth.

I offer a rather useful book, personal discovery and strategy sessions, retreats, dinners, resources and a Podcast that help you step into the next stage of your life in a way that aligns with your definition of success and the woman you have become.

I’m so glad you’ve found my world.



Business Mentor, Author and Self-Worth Educator

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