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Self-worth approach

What holds us back from growth and change?

I first began to appreciate the value of the role self-worth plays in unlocking personal power as I faced up to a debilitating addiction in 2006. I was drowning in feelings of intense shame and self-loathing that had to be addressed before I could move into recovery, regroup, and contribute to the world as my full self again.

I’m delighted to say that committing myself to this goal changed everything in my life.

In the many years since, in my work as a Consultant, Business Mentor and Speaker, I noticed that, no matter how talented the individual, how valuable their work, there were still many people who procrastinated and self-sabotaged, holding themselves back from all they could be.

As I dug below the surface I found the common threads were a lack of self-belief, a sense of being an imposter, a feeling that they, or their ideas, did not really “measure up”, that they were not enough. They were disconnected from their own, unquestionable self-worth, as I had been.

For some time I simply incorporated self-worth reconnection strategies into my business mentoring but it soon became apparent that there was a greater need for this work and thus, the Centre for Self Worth was founded in 2020.


Traditional approaches to helping individuals to thrive have focused on improving self-esteem to build confidence and self-efficacy. But this philosophy incorporates reliance on external validation, a temporary fix that demands constant top-ups, a distracting and draining dance.

In contrast, utilising a self-worth approach, where you develop an unconditional loyalty, friendship and a strong internal support foundation is enduring and sustainable, providing an infinitely stronger base for growth, innovation and focus.


Common symptoms seen when self-worth is absent


Actions and experiences

  • Constantly seeking to prove your credibility (e.g. getting “just one more” qualification).
  • Boisterous, talking all the time, needing to be the centre of attention.
  • Doing, doing… over-servicing, not being able to pause or rest
  • Significant procrastination: unable to take action, feeling drained and flat.
  • Stuck in the Comparison Trap – constantly feeling less than or better than others.
  • Finding it difficult to charge for your services at a market rate
  • A lack of discernment – which sees you pursuing things you don’t really want.
  • Stifled by perfectionism, unable to share your ideas with the world
  • Seeking constant external validation for your ideas and work

Feelings and emotions

  • A demanding and critical inner voice that makes you feel inadequate
  • Constantly trying to impress other people to gain their approval or keep them happy
  • Protracted periods of feeling sad, resigned or hopeless for no apparent reason
  • Unmotivated – a disconnection from a sense of purpose or personal vision
  • Susceptible to Impostor syndrome – doubting your abilities and feeling like a fraud
  • Feeling deeply wounded by setbacks, rejection or criticism, holding grudges
  • A tendency towards victimhood, blaming others and bad luck for your circumstances
  • Feeling as though you do not belong, as though you are on the fringes and not truly included

The Self-Worth Trilogy

I developed The Self-Worth Trilogy to share the foundational ideas that had first helped me connect with the self-worth approach. I introduced this model into my business mentoring as I created a unique blend of strategy and self-worth under the “Your Next Chapter” arm of my business.

Over time, this model has been expanded from my research and studies in neuroscience, positive psychology, ACT and more. My appointment as an Associate of the Global Self Worth Academy, based in Portugal, has allowed me to exchange ideas with colleagues as I developed practises, thinking shifts and other tools of a self-worth approach to leadership, team building, entrepreneurship and personal growth. The Self-Worth Continuum, an orientation tool, is the result.

Self-Worth Trilogy - how you build confidence

The Self-Worth Continuum


The focus of The Centre for Self-Worth is to educate and empower individuals, leaders and organisations with the self-worth approach as a sustainable avenue to maximising potential.

Our workshops and programs have resilience building at their core, empowering individuals with the insight to quickly recognise when they've lost their connection to self-worth and the tools to bounce back when they encounter the inevitable curveballs thrown by of our complex, uncertain, and demanding world.

We believe before we can lead others, before we can build businesses, before we can grow and expand into our full personal power, we need to know and own our own uniqueness.

It’s never a question of are you worthy, it’s only ever how will you express your worth.



Business Mentor, Author and Self-Worth Educator

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