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How do you overcome Imposter Syndrome?

How to overcome Imposter Syndrome in Business

Imposter Syndrome is an insidious wee beast. It’s a close personal friend of the Comparison Queen. These two tend to travel together, wreaking havoc on confidence and focus, on growth and development. Both bring with them a whole range of emotions that can stir up self-doubt and prevent you from stretching. From deepening and expanding…

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The power of being anchored in your why

Start with why

“Start with Why” said Simon Sinek. “People are inspired by a sense of purpose (a why) and this should come first when communicating with your audience, even before what, and definitely before how. They don’t care what you do, they care why you do it” he insists. Simon Sinek’s approach really made sense to me…

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Create a Visual Business Model

Visual Business Model

Creating a Visual Business Model for your work You’ve no doubt heard that expression “a picture tells a thousand words”. It’s particularly true when it comes to your business – you can encapsulate so much in a well designed visual model. I’m no slacker when it comes to creating ideas. I actually suffer from “Popcorn…

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How do you become a Self Leader?

Self Leadership for Personal Growth

“Self-Leadership is the ability to influence yourself to think and behave in ways that are consistent with who you are and are conducive to the pursuit of goals and experiences that are important and relevant to you”. Andrew Bryant and Ana Kazan There are many skills involved in leveraging self-leadership, two key aspects of which…

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The 3 components of Aligned Marketing

Last week I drove down to Canberra to host a Next Chapter Salon Dinner. I started holding these dinners in Sydney during the second half of last year and when I was asked to bring the conversation down to Canberra, I jumped at the chance. These events are a revival of the French literary and…

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Which business growth strategy is right for you?

Which business growth strategy is right for you?

There’s an old adage that says “don’t have your fingers in too many pies at once”. As a general rule, I believe this is good advice, and I ask my own clients to narrow their focus so they can deepen their authority in their chosen field or niche. It’s too easy to fall into “Popcorn…

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