Business Mentoring
for Your Next Chapter

The book that is missing
from your shelf


You can borrow my
belief in you until you
have it for yourself

Our world needs inspiring, purposeful people more than ever.

I’m Angela Raspass, a Business Mentor, Self-Worth Educator and Author, a catalyst for your next chapter - for resilience, change, and growth.

I'm committed to supporting you to bring your brightest, most personally aligned business to life, so you can contribute to spreading a ripple of possibility.

I provide life-changing Instinctive Drives Profiles, VIP days and Retreats through my services on this website, and collaborate to provide self-worth strengthening programs through The Centre for Self-Worth.

If you'd like to connect and have a conversation about how I can help you envisage and unlock the next chapter of your business, to truly embrace the work in the world you're here for, let's connect - a fresh perspective can make such a difference.

Life is not just about being inspired.

It’s about how you inspire others to see themselves.