Are you a businesswoman in your 40's and beyond?

Then you're likely to have a big heart and the wisdom that comes from significant life and business experience.

In this chapter of your life, you know what's important. You want your business to make a meaningful contribution, to inspire and nourish you so you feel purposeful and fulfilled. It needs to fit around your life and wellness priorities as you may have looked burnout or breakdown right in the eye and have no intention of going there again.

You also want a healthy financial return on your time and energy.

Is your business where you would like it to be?

No matter how long you've been in business, it can still feel like you're riding an emotional rollercoaster! You may be feeling a mix of frustration and excitement, doubt and anticipation.

My clients often reach out because although they’re making progress in their businesses, it's not always where they want it to be and they realise they'll benefit from support and a fresh perspective.

Perhaps you feel the same? Ready to deepen your work and expand your impact, but are challenged by:

  • expressing your ideas and the value you add in a clear and compelling way that differentiates you in your industry  
  • vulnerability to self-doubt and comparison that springs from having high expectations of yourself 
  • a lack of clarity as to where to focus your energy and attention, so you take lots of action, but can lack traction
  • feeling as though you are working in isolation, even if you have a team, because you're missing peer support and feedback
  • a desire to scale up, down or even sideways after many years in the same area, but unsure of how to best accomplish this

I can help you and your business to grow

It can be difficult to see the opportunities and possibilities that are often right in front and inside of you.

Together we'll take you and your business from 'going ok' to phenomenal confidence and clarity by recalibrating you, your knowledge, your experience, and your wisdom quantifying it, packaging it and making it compelling and saleable.

Once we've refined your personal brilliance, I'll then wrap you in unwavering strategic and emotional support to ensure you build your authority and visibility in the market for the Next Chapter of your business, creating the growth you deserve, the impact you're here for and the fulfillment you seek.

You can borrow my belief in you until you have it for yourself.

My services include Strategy Sessions, VIP days, Retreats and Masterminds and I'd love to be a part of your support team. Let's begin Your Next Chapter today.

Michelle Capper-Fay

"Angela is a multi-dimensional coach, a creative explorer, an excavationist of ideas and potential and she goes straight to the core of the issue! She is so intuitive and keyed in at a whole other level beyond what is presented to her. I felt totally seen, totally heard, totally held in a strong process and I would recommend her services, absolutely."

Wendy Kendall

"Angela is generous in spirit and in her considerable knowledge of what it takes to bring the business to life and grow it to maturity and beyond. She is also the number one cheerleader for your success, and those successes start to mount rapidly after working with her. I recommend her services to any woman looking to play a bigger game in their business."

Justine Whitfield

"Angela had been highly recommended to me and she was amazing - I gained inspiration, purpose, clarity and clear direction to make the changes I need and I’m now so excited. It was so lovely to work with someone so inspiring, intuitive and on the same page! Angela is dynamic, inspirational, intuitive, and has a world full of knowledge."

I've worked with, interviewed and supported over 250 inspiring Next Chapter Businesswomen - I'd love to help you too!

Business Coaching for women 40+