I'm Angela Raspass, a Mentor for service-based business owners and entrepreneurs who value meaningful work, know they have the capacity to make a bigger contribution and have a strong desire to make the changes to achieve this, now.

You know more is possible in your business

If you're like the women in my world, you're motivated by making a difference. I imagine you have a big heart, a healthy regard for financial reward and the wisdom that comes from significant life experience.

The desire for more, to pivot, change or expand can strike at any time and no matter how long you've been in business, it's a rollercoaster. You can feel equally energised and exhausted by your vision and ideas, experiencing a heady mix of excitement and delight, frustration and doubt often in a single day.

You can also postpone change because of all that's on your plate.

But I know you don’t want to find yourself at a point in the future looking back with regret. You know what you're doing now needs to change.

That's why you're often thinking about what more might be possible. How things could be different.

Let's rewrite the script together.

My clients often reach out to me because they’re poised for their next chapter - to start, refine or expand their business, but they find themselves getting stuck. Procrastinating. Comparing. Finding it hard to prioritise their ideas. Overwhelmed by all they could do and change.

That's totally normal! You may be great at helping others, but it's hard to read your own label from inside the jar. We all need assistance to clearly see the opportunities and close the gaps. Sometimes it's a self-belief issue that holds you back. Sometimes it's a strategic or marketing challenge. Most often it's a combination.

When we work together, I'll ensure you own the value of your hard-won lessons and insights. We'll harvest what's been working, let go of what's been draining you and co-create a fresh strategy to build the Next Chapter of your business.

I'll help you and your business to grow

My clients tell me that they love how I give their ideas form, pinpoint the gaps that need closing and create a clear path forward. They also value being wrapped in unwavering emotional and strategic support as they expand into all that's possible. I'd love to be on your support team too.

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    I'm exploring what my business will be and need guidance

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    I have a strong business and want to expand and diversify

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Change and growth is challenging. It's much easier with support.

So let's connect and explore what's next for you...

I've worked with, interviewed and supported over 350 inspiring Businesswomen - I'd love to help you too!

Michelle Capper-Fay

"Angela is a multi-dimensional coach, a creative explorer, an excavationist of ideas and potential and she goes straight to the core of the issue! She is so intuitive and keyed in at a whole other level beyond what is presented to her. I felt totally seen, totally heard, totally held in a strong process and I would recommend her services, absolutely."

Wendy Kendall

"Angela is generous in spirit and in her considerable knowledge of what it takes to bring the business to life and grow it to maturity and beyond. She is also the number one cheerleader for your success, and those successes start to mount rapidly after working with her. I recommend her services to any woman looking to play a bigger game in their business."

Sarah Denholm

"I now have both the big vision and the smallest detail. Angela is a committed and focused coach, truly holding the space for whatever you need. Her ability to cut through the clutter, covering the whole sweep from broad to granular, provides you with deep insights and clarity, no matter where you are in your business. She is energetic, focused, clear, empathetic and knowledgeable."

Justine Whitfield

"Angela had been highly recommended to me and she was amazing - I gained inspiration, purpose, clarity and clear direction to make the changes I need and I’m now so excited. It was so lovely to work with someone so inspiring, intuitive and on the same page! Angela is dynamic, inspirational, intuitive, and has a world full of knowledge."