Business Mentoring
for Your Next Chapter

Self-worth reconnection
for business and life

The book that is missing
from your shelf


You can borrow my
belief in you until you
have it for yourself

Our world needs inspiring, purposeful people more than ever.

I’m Angela Raspass, a Business Mentor, Author and Self-Worth Educator, a catalyst for next chapters - for courage, change, and growth.

When you are anchored by your innate self-worth, immersed in work that has meaning for you and clear on the value you create, you’ll contribute to the world at your full capacity, with confidence, generosity, and joy.

Our world needs inspiring, purposeful people now more than ever. And so I'm committed to supporting individuals, business owners, leaders and their teams to own your worth and navigate doubt so you can live and work boldly and fully.

If you are a business owner seeking growth and confidence, I suggest you start in the Your Next Chapter Hub. If self-doubt is tripping you up in your career or life, or if you are managing a team that needs more resilience and confidence, I suggest starting in the Centre for Self-Worth Hub.

Life is not just about being inspired.

It’s about how you inspire others to see themselves.