Marketing strategies for closing the sale

A simple 3 step process:

When we start our businesses it’s most often because we are inspired to do so. We see a need and have services that can meet that need and we can’t wait to get them out there and make a difference.

It’s rare that we’ve thought about the fact that we need to actually sell ourselves and what we do. That we need to have sales conversations where we will “ask for the order” if we want our business to grow.

Does your stomach drop at the prospect? Do you feel nervous? Does your mouth go dry?

Do you feel yourself sometimes talking a little too much or a little too fast?

Ah welcome to the club! These are very common feelings…..

I diagnose you witha mild case of “sales fear” – but don’t worry, there is a cure and it is a very simple one that moves you from the mindset of sales to service. There is simple three step process that, when taken regularly, will not only fix the symptoms but also see you making sales with ease. This process can also be used in an online business on a sales page.

The three steps are – Ask. Tell. Ask.

Step 1- In any conversation that you are hoping will lead to a sale, it is vital that you ask questions first. Lots of questions! This is where you establish need in the consciousness of your client and become aware yourself of how your solution meets those needs.

Step 2 – When you have a clear understanding of these needs you then move into the Tell stage. But before you start to talk about your solution, it is imperative that you re-frame the questions back to your prospect to demonstrate your understanding of their needs and to give them the opportunity to make any corrections or add any extra information. The Tell part two is where you get to shine – to demonstrate how your product, service, program or other solution can perfectly help them to solve the problem, overcome the challenge or reach their goal.

By now they should be nodding!

Step 3 - Now you can Ask – for the sale. This can now be a seamless transition as:

  •  A - you know your prospect is a potential client, that’s why you are having this conversation,
  • B - you have clearly established the needs they have and that you understand them deeply and
  • C - you have demonstrated how your solution is a perfect fit.

Ask. Tell. Ask. A simple process that I trust shows you how sales, is really service.

In the feedback area under the video I’d love to hear from you!

  • Is sales an area of your business you feel uneasy about?
  • Do you have any tips or experiences to share that others can learn and benefit from?

Looking forward to your thoughts.


  1. Sheridan says:

    Great video Angela. And very helpful. I too notes!!
    Loving your website as well.

  2. Cara Citrowske says:

    Thank you, Angela for this video! I also feel that open-ended questions are extremely helpful to gather the needs of my clients.

    I must admit that I feel uneasy when it comes to asking for the sale because I worry that my clients “can’t afford it”. The irony is that my program to help women quit smoking is less expensive than their cigarettes so in the long run I am actually giving them money back!

    Thank you for framing the process as appreciative inquiry and then sales being all about service. I know I can apply this to my sales page and also my coaching conversations.

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